The Fitness Attentionisto Who Is Droppin’ His Thong Now

it’s so interesting to see what happens to attentionitos after a while.
you know i’ve written about a ton of them.
the smart ones have successful businesses.
others been banished for their homophobic slip ups,
fell off the face of the earth,
or are determined to keep the clock ticking.
so i use to write about the bawdy attached to ^that attentionisto.
he was heavy into fitness.
i heard rumors of his “extra curricular activities”,
but i took it as him trying to pay his bills.
a f-bi alerted me tonight as what that bawdy is up to now.
check out who it is…

jaye hardbody.
you can check the archives on my posts about him.
soooooooooooooooooo he is a stripper wolf now.
vixens only.
he goes by the name “mp” which is short for “the master piece”:

vivica’s black magic,
season 2?
is stripping the new attentionisto fallback career?
am i the only one shocked af?!?!?!?!?!?!?
i thought about him after i wrote that “idris” entry a while ago.
he always reminded me of idris in the face.
good to see i get my answers quick.

well i did not see this career for him.
he can move tho.
i always loved his bawdy…

i’m sure we’ll get some ratchet pics/videos from him soon.

lowkey: a friend to the foxhole told me jaye use to escort.
he apparently pounds your brains right out.
he bangs you hard.
jaye’s “behind the scenes” was lit.
looks he is making some good money tho:

i bet the vixens are getting their money’s worth.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “The Fitness Attentionisto Who Is Droppin’ His Thong Now

  1. If he’s all about the coin, why is he only stripping for women … aren’t there whole ass vids/gifs of him walking sex siren in balls and such??? Not saying you can’t be straight in those spaces but it’s highly unlikely…

  2. I knew it was him as soon as I opened the email and saw the pic. Those abs are unforgettable. It’s no surprise he went this route. He’s seemingly a jack of all trades. Although I doubt he would give up bodybuilding. At least not before getting his pro card. Yeah, he’s been walking sex siren for a minute. As a matter of fact one his costumes was a cowboy. I saw a glimpse of him in the first episode of Vivica’s show. I have some gifs of him (allegedly) stroking his dick. It’s a party piece for some, for others a snack. Nevertheless I live for him Bam Garćon.

    1. That man’s physique is SICK! I’m surprised he went this route. I wouldn’t think he would do this…but then again, he’s another one that loves the attention.

      Nah…he’s not giving up bodybuilding. He claims he wants to go pro…but this seems like an odd turn to take if that’s the case. If I’m correct, the bodybuilding organizations frown on stuff like this, anything that can be perceived as negative. Think about it, pro-competitor/stripper walking around with the title of Mr. Universe or whatever titles they have. That wouldn’t be good. LOL

      He could very well be doing this to make money for his competitions and supplements. He says he’s a “personal trainer” as well…but I don’t see or hear about any certifications.

      1. Nah, I don’t think they frown upon it too much because Kai Greene was a helluva stripper….for women and men. And he’s done really well in the bodybuilding world. He’s even incorporated posing routines that have tones of an exotic dancer…

  3. Deciding that all you have to offer the world is a beautiful body and selling it only to women seems particularly stupid. I hope he finds a sugar mama with a lot of cash. Otherwise, he is going to die broke, trading blowjobs for food.

    1. Well, Vivica A. Fox is the queen of sugar mamas because she’s always pimping out some young man! Look at 50 Cent, look at Steven Beck, Bolo, Heat, etc.

  4. It’s not surprising to me. Truth be told there doesn’t seem to be that much money in fitness modeling and bodybuilding unless you have some big sponsors. That’s why you always see most of these fitness models and bodybuilders begging for money or doing some type of G4P porn on the side

  5. Stripping is so 1990s… it just looks ridiculous to see these muscle bound big azz dudes dressed in these corny assed outfits trying to look sexy by dancing. Just come to my hotel room and bend dat ass over. I’ll throw ya a few coins and you don’t have to visit the costume shop.

    1. Well, don’t tell them that because you still have those time warp back to the future queens still taking it off for coins. I mean with the success of “Magic Mike,” male exotic dancing isn’t going anywhere.

    2. ^bllackpegasus…I’m sure that if you asked, he’d probably be down. I’ve propositioned a few, and after some initial refusal, they ended up saying yes…but I never went through with it. It was more or less done to see if I could get them to cave in, and they did. LOL

    1. Girls are very cheap towards strippers. Very few of them survive on this full time. That’s why a few of them will do private or discreet shows for men.

  6. Hey if he got it, flaunt it! Just be ready to be pimped out by Madam Vivica A. Fox! Black Magic Season 2: The Dreamhunks (my idea for season 2)

  7. I asked him on snap if he escorted, he laughed and said no. He wanted to know why people kept asking him that. I linked a site (not this one) where a poster claimed that he been with him. He never responded.

    1. @Espnzone77…he might think that you’re someone trying to trap/trick him. He’s not going to admit it. You have to go slowly with some of these dudes. Get them comfortable with you, and then ask. You’d be amazed at the answer. LOL

  8. I love love love this man!!!!! I have fantasized about him often!!! He carries a big piece with all that muscle!!!! Sent him a few ig messages but he never responds! He does seem to be an arrogant ass, but I lust/love after him still!!

    1. @Jrock…most IG dudes don’t respond. Remember, they’re on there for you to admire them and/or praise them. If you don’t fit their standard they DEFINITELY won’t hit you back.

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