Ya’ll Not Liking George Hill Stuff and He Getting Mad

when you are trying to “make it” as a star,
that particular path is never easy.
until your name is in lights,
and you’re getting respect from the movers and shakers,
you’ll be treated like a second class citizen.
ask anyone in hollywood.
even the nerds of the successful forests went through it.
george hill is mad you don’t like his rapping stuff.
an f-bi sent me the alert to yet another rant.
 he is realizing his follower count don’t add up to his likes.

beyonce and rihanna,
two real artists with accolades under their belts,
just got snubbed by the grammys.
they could have went on social media and ranted.
there are others who have high follower counts,
but their record sales don’t match.
actors and actresses pull all nighters and movies bomb.
good shows end up getting cancelled.

usually a day,
i’ll have 12,000 views,
but may end up with like 20 to 30 comments.
i see other blogs with over 10k followers and reblogs.
i don’t rant about it.
it doesn’t even phase me.
i keep giving my foxhole more.
george seems like he isn’t cut out for this life.
he might want to stick to:

we gotta stop spoiling these attentionistos.
they gettin’ needy.

lowkey: his video for that new song,
“my city”:

why does he look like he is playing a rapper on tv?
the video only has 86 views on youtube since yesterday.
he can’t be an artist without putting in the work.
so far,
he is learning his good looks only means he will get fucked.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

31 thoughts on “Ya’ll Not Liking George Hill Stuff and He Getting Mad”

  1. Exactly what you said its why NOBODY is supporting his “rap” career…It looks like he’s acting!! Can’t take that seriously at all. I’m actually tired of the pics and dick teases as well. He’s been doing it for SO LONG and we’ve seen him from every angle and in every pose/position. He should just go in hiding for a while and hit us with something new every now and then. Just my opinion tho

    1. ^he may need to go away so he can be missed,
      but then if he does,
      he’ll realize no one misses him at all.
      he is stuck.

      it’s best to always play the mystery.
      you do random shit to keep everyone interested,
      but then you fall back so you don’t flood everyone’s timeline.

      1. Precisely! He’s been a one trick pony all these years and nobody is interested or checking for him anymore. He hasn’t done anything to keep anyone’s attention like Steven Beck and others have. I don’t wanna say his 15 seconds are up but…its :14.5 seconds right about now

  2. This is pure ego talking though. What make him think that his rapping stuff is even valid like that? He can’t take Ppl not liking him. Its like he HAS to be validated. Music has to be a passion and an annointed talent. Not everyone can be a musician despite what present artists would have you believe.

    1. Sadly that is the life of these attentionistos on IG. They need the likes and comments for validation. If you say positive and nice things, you’re OK. You say something negative, or they construe as negative…yo ass is blocked and talked about. LOL

      It’s sad. guys are posting pics and damn near every pic is an ass or bulge pic. You know damn well chicks ain’t REALLY checkin’ for that mess. Girls are half naked and have the nerve to get upset if you make a comment about them being half naked and presenting that image to the world. No man is REALLY gonna respect you like that. You’re a piece of ass and/or side-piece…plain and simple.

      IG is the “designer drug” people with little to no self-esteem can’t give up.

      1. ^they tend to be really rude.
        i’ve hit up some asking if i can feature them.
        i may have liked their bawdy,
        but i always try to link it back to something they might be doing.
        straight rudeness.
        one of the reasons i stopped providing links to igs unless its a real celeb.
        if the foxhole finds it and wants to share,
        then go ahead.

  3. I didn’t know that he rapped. If that’s what he really wanted to do, then it seems like he has been using his sex appeal to get ppl to pay attention to his music. Honestly though, this generation seems to be more concerned with being popular or famous than actually being passionate about something and WORKING ON THEIR CRAFT.

    Honestly, I have a little blog myself and my following is low as hell. But I don’t care because I honestly like doing what I do–as a hobby. Don’t be so dismissive to your followers just because you may not have a lot of them. Hell, 86 views on the video is better than nothing. You’re right Jamari, these thirst trapping as dudes are starting to get spoiled. LOL

    1. ^PASSION.
      so true.
      even an attentionisto has to constantly reinvent themselves.
      we see every inch of their body that nothing is exciting anymore.
      like a foxholer just said,
      they tend to be all one trick ponies.
      when it comes to selling a product,
      or pursing a career,
      that’s when it really shows.

  4. How many youtubers get million views but nobody actually follow their accounts? LOL this makes me laugh when i say that because i’m so young and i sound so old but i can’t with this generation and i’m part of it. SO ENTILTED!!!

    Bitch i write articles every fucking day but i can’t even put my name on it until i actually got that PhD, i’ve to put my supervisor name and let her have all the credit for that even tho she didn’t help with one word. That’s life, deal. People are not liking your post, big deal, cut your veins then. Seriously i’ve no patience for those kind of things.

    Life’s a succession of failures and disappointments until you finally succeed through hard work abnegation and dedication to your craft.

    That’s why i admire beyoncé, you’ll never hear her complain, not even when they blatantly play her. She just keeps going.

  5. I must be the only one who has literally no interest in him. Why does a nobody get the right to “rant” about being on the come up? You’re supposed to HUSTLE and get to your destination, no complaints. Guys like him are a major turn off. Who are you and why are you talking? Humble yourself.

    1. Like Frfr my lil bro tried that and I had 2 correct him. A man doesn’t walk around needing support and validation 24/7, getting mad when ppl don’t share their songs. That’s bitch shit, you’re supposed to be working on your art, not trying to be “the cool guy”

  6. Ummm…so we just gonna glaze over that 12K views a day stat? I know he don’t need it but still I’ma say daaaaaaaamn J. Somebody’s blog got real poppin over the years. Don’t care how many views other blogs get 12K (and its like) is impressive.

    1. I was thinking the same thing AJ2FLY that’s something to be proud of, plus you have a blog where you get comments daily it might now be equal to the views but it’s something. I’ve seen blog out there with way more promo but with no community responding like the foxhole does.

      1. ^thank you both so much!
        it makes me happy to see such loyal readers who support.
        everyone who responds is so intelligent and cares about me.
        i miss star fox,
        but you guys fill the void.

  7. *the library is officially open*

    Let met get my “reading” glasses and give Miss Georgette Hill a read that she can cash at the reality bank because she needs a reality check. I mean the fact that this attention whore wants people to like her is pathetic and quite elementary. I mean the bitch is barely on collegiate level when it comes to talents. I mean she is giving me 5th grade recital teas with her rapping and the kids off of the Lifetime show called “The Rap Game” has better bars than her!

    Now I don’t know for the life of me what is her occupation. One minute she wants to “walk” in the sex siren category the next minute she wants to be on “America’s Got Talent.” I mean this girl needs to pick a career path and pick it quick because her 15 seconds of instafame is quickly going away. The gag is, she hasn’t released a mixtape, she barely busted a nut on camera, and she hasn’t fucked anyone relevant but herself because that’s all she can chop and screw right now.

    In the end, she should just apply at McDonald’s.

    *the library is officially closed*

      1. I’m going to send that read to George Hill and see what kind of response I’d get because I’m a messy bitch that lives for drama now! Muahahahahahahaaah!

  8. Meanwhile in the real world, real life shit is going on all around us and this pineapple is berating and chastising people for not like his nursery rhyme raps. Po Georgie is like the girl in High School who really thinks she is the shit because all the boys like her, not knowing they like you because you giving up your Lil Debbies out of both pants legs not because you are anybody special. Georgie you suck as a rapper, you are a cute dude and should try your hand being a hair model for Bonner Brothers oops that is just a once a year gig at the annual hair show, so maybe you should face reality and put your college degree to use and get you a damn job. Maybe being a rap star is not your calling Bro not meaning to crush a pineapples dream but this is getting ridiculous. He is all on Snap angry no one is checking for this mess, but believe it or not, people are actually being shouted out for making a snap with this song playing, this pineapple really believes he is a star and got loyal fans. Bro its time to throw that ass in a circle bucked naked on your connect pal, the only thing anyone wants to see is you pussy popping and booty dropping. IG is going to mess up so many people when they have to face that their attentionista star has faded. The jokes write themselves with this one right here. But he cute tho LOL!

    1. Sis, I already read Georgie Porgie pussy poppin guy for filth. So yeah, she’s gonna get a real job like the rest of the common folk (me basically)

  9. Georgie, I need you to shut your mouth and just keep shamelessly teasing your bodily assets. I don’t give two shtts and your Sesame Street raps. If you’re not naked or half naked I don’t give a damn what you have to say. Did I make that clear enough?

    In case I didn’t, this is all I want to see from you. And more ass pics and videos will be appreciated. Okay sweetums.. Thanks.

  10. There is so much more important things going on than his follower account. Damn dude! Get a grip on yourself and life. SMH. Yet, these are the type of men some of you would date.

  11. When I first saw him I was like he is a sexy guy and now…he’s pretty much last week’s coupons. These folks trying to get by on looks and now they lookin tha fool…

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