The Jackal Who Wanted The Cheeks In The Gym Shower

we see all this meat in the gym and we want to touch.
i can understand the frustration.
the wolf/fox/hybrid you literally want to fuck is standing there,
in the flesh,
and your loins are on fire.
don’t get killed for it now.
well an f-bi alerted me of a jackal in chicago that couldn’t resist his urges.
so this is what he did via the chicago tribune

A Park Manor neighborhood man was ordered held for allegedly sexually accosting a man inside the shower of a South Loop gym.

Christopher Crowell, 29, was charged with criminal sexual abuse and ordered held on $100,000 pending his release on home electronic monitoring.

Authorities said the 33-year-old victim was taking a shower at the XSport Fitness in the 800 block of South State Street on Dec. 7, when he felt himself being molested, prosecutors said Saturday in a hushed courtroom at the Leighton Criminal Court Building.

He quickly turned to find Crowell naked behind him, according to prosecutors.

The victim yelled and refused Crowell’s contact, authorities said. An arrest report also indicated that Crowell began โ€œaggressively” molesting him.

The victim reported the incident to the gym’s management, who stopped the defendant before he was able to leave, took his gym membership card and told him they were contacting the police, prosecutors said. But Crowell left before police arrived.

Authorities said the victim later picked Crowell out of a photo array, but court records indicate the defendant has no prior criminal record.

A joint Chicago police/U.S. Marshal fugitive task force arrested Crowell Friday.

this is what the jackal looks like:

is the excuse gonna be:

“he was naked and was showing off the goods.
he was asking for it!”

well at least the jackal had his good fur on.
i always wonder what “molested” in this sense means?
was the victim groped?
did the jackal try to dry hump him in the shower?
it’s very eye opening and scary.
there is an outburst of perversion going on right now.
we got jackals and hyenas taping you while you taking a shit.
has it come to this now?
i hope the victim gets justice for what went down.
i’m real surprised he didn’t fight that jackal.
i have to ask the foxhole something.
not in regards to this case,
but if a
perpetrator had a “look” like this:

and did that exact same thing in that gym shower…

Would it really be an issue for some gays?

sexual predators don’t always look like “charles”.
something to think about.
if you’re ever in a situation where you feel uncomfortable,

even if he looks good af,
don’t go along with it because you are “supposed to” as a gay/bi/tri male.

article: the chicago tribune

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

59 thoughts on “The Jackal Who Wanted The Cheeks In The Gym Shower

  1. Sad as Hell. This however, its the exact reason I’ve stopped going to the gym. I can’t recall how many times I’ve been groped or touched in the gym. Its ridiculous out here

      1. Trainers do it all the time and these thirsty dudes who feel like that’s what you came there for have no shame or give 0 f*cks about doing it. Make eye contact, look them, shower close to them or walk around naked and they think you’re asking for it

      2. Yup!! They start off telling you about their girlfriends/wives/cubs and somehow end up with a handful of your ass or accidentally grinding on you. They get real comfortable and you her their personal number and invites to “hang out or whatever” or “train outside the gym”

      3. ^oh this is juicy.
        i’m all into this conversation.

        even if they looked stupid good,
        did it still make you uncomfortable?
        there is this ideal that gays should always be ready for sex.

      4. Completely uncomfortable and very creeped out. I already have a complex with ppl touching me so to have someone groping, grabbing, and rubbing on your thighs and ass while making comments like “that’s nice” or “its surprisingly soft” is super scary. Sex and hooking up has become normal in gym locker rooms, saunas, and showers these days. Completely turned me off from the gym

      5. Working in a spa locker room facility, I now understand when guess want more than a massage. When they are supposed to be robed but instead walk around naked or talk to you naked however I ain’t complaining sometimes. J, you should see what happens in the steam room and sauna though. However some guy are comfortable in their own skin to flaunt it. But J, the entrees that were offered to me as a young gay men of hunks, I had to turn down however my resolutions were we met at another location after work.

  2. I guess molested here means him grab his ass that’s what they do. But I’m crying right now looooool. I don’t get it. How “brave” you have to be to do that. Actually not that brave because if he thougth the victim could fight back he wouldn’t have done that. That’s how these predators are and that’s exactly why i don’t go to places where i have to be naked, it’s already enough to be touched in
    public transport where you are fully dressed every single day.

    And i get that sometimes people try it and it actually work, but he said no and you try harder?

    Now i can’t lie if the perpretator looks like OBJ or luke james… i’m gonna think about it ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Have to say, I hated riding the train downtown in the mornings. The D and 5 trains are FULL of perverts molesting and groping ppl. I had one guy unzip my pants and grab my dick. Train was so packed I couldn’t move to see or grab him but my ass sure did make a scene

      2. I am shocked by this.As a woman I have had to deal with strange guys touching my ass, breast, etc.But I didn’t know guys were groped in this setting.I have had a couple of male friends who were groped at gay clubs but never on a bus or train.

        1. ^new yawk gets it poppin with the disrespect sometimes.
          go into the city after hours in the summer for stories.
          i went down to the village with my home vixen late night and this gay dude was taking a shit in between two cars.

      3. i’ve been touched from hair to toes, literally. I cut my hair because i couldn’t deal with strangers hands on it anymore. And then you have that old guy who wanted to “feel” my skin because i wasn’t as dark as other black people so he put his hands in my ripped jeans, the one who touched my dick because he wanted to see if it’s true what they say about black people, the countless men touching my ass, those feeling my arms or my hands because it look so soft…

        And when i say i don’t want to take the bus they want to call me snob and boujee. No i just don’t wanna be molested.

      4. Taking a shit tho LOOOOOOOL i would have died, people spitting in the train it’s already too much so taking a shit… JUST NO!!!! I don’t even pee in public toilet because i feel like it’s utter nasty. People are so disrespectful.

  3. See, you gotta be careful with any gym that has a hot sauna or open showers. Gays love that ish. Ill take my plain jane Planet Fitness thank you.

    1. ^comments like this can help everyone who goes to the gym and what to look out for.
      i don’t know if i could do a gym shower.
      i don’t feel comfortable showering in public places.
      hell nah.

  4. I have seen and witnessed some crazy stuff in the gym, but nothing like this. I been in the gym for five years now and maybe it’s just me but the gym can be so homoerotic some time, and by the way I’m not complaining lol. In the last five years I have so many gym stories that I could do YouTube storytimes and they would be so juicy.

      1. The best one I can’t really tell lol, because if he reads the blog he will know who I am. He is an ex pro athlete, but he is not that famous. Then there was the trainer who was tumblr famous.

      2. Haha yes I got you and a few weeks back there was these nice looking black buff wolf who kept staring at me. Of course I returned the favor and we eye sexed his other. I went into the locker room and he came in shortly after he then took his shirt off in front of me, I almost passed out his body looked so good. He kept his shirt off while staring at me. I was so nervous I didn’t know what too say to him lol. Then a few days later he comes too the gym with his pretty snow vixen girlfriend. So, guess what I do when I see him now I ignore his ass. Now he always walking by me staring trying too get my attention. These has happened to me quite a lot lol. These DL dudes are a trip.

  5. I got a ticket one time for walking inbetween the car train on the #4. Waiting for another train, This guy sees me on the train and gets on with me and pulls out his dick and flashes me its like 1am going back to Brooklyn from the Bronx. Draw your own conclusions to what happened next. Lol

    The NYSC on Court St, 125th Street and 23rd street is hookup central. At 27, I’ve realized time and place for everything

    1. FashionandSvedka, was the man who flashed you sexy lol. Drawing my conclusions means that you went ahead and sucked the life out of him lol.

    2. ^yo ive heard about that gym.
      that bbqs where all they gays go is on 23rd.
      i am not surprised ratchetness happens in that area LOL

      the crazy part is some real cuties be down there too.

      1. Funny enough Jamari, Before I became a paralegal, I worked at the BBQ’s on Fordham Rd. Thats where I was coming from during my ‘encounter’. 23rd street NYSC was too live. Made me feel uncomfortable with all this sex going on in the saunas.

        And yes Eric, right there on the Brooklyn bound side of 138th-Grand Concourse on the 4 at the back of the station. That station is ALWAYS empty. Lol

        1. ^yo there is this fine latino wolf with a fat ass who is a manager at that bbqs.
          he was the manager at the one at 42nd street before he went to that one.
          i always remember him because his ass was the highlight of going there.

      2. Anthony. Last I heard, he was working at Co-Op. Dominican tanned skinned big ass dick, fat ass and a lame. He is super homophobic. I don’t like BBQ’s because they never treated their servers right and always played favorites. He is still cute tho, just corny.

        All this talk makes me miss NYC even more. I’ll be back permanently in December.

    3. Happens all the time after midnight on any train lol
      This guy jerked off in front of me on the 5 train. It was about 2 am. I was like okay, I need to stop riding the train late night

  6. Yeah it’s some real thirsty jackals in the gym. That’s why I cancelled my membership and joined planet fitness. I legit went in and did my workouts, followed up with a few laps in the pool, and ended in the stream room, shower and go home. But the men make you uncomfortable that you can’t even enjoy the amenities that’s offered.. I have literally walked in on guys fucking, sucking dick.. Live porn for real…Not all gays want to be involved in some random hook up in the stream room. It’s already germs in there I’m sure, but to sex on top of that.. Ewwww. Sn, I do miss the amenities, but I can live without the extra that comes with it

      1. Dick hungry gays. And no offence to white male readers of any.. But some of those are the worst.. Elicit the older ones. They see black meat and go crazy

  7. I honestly have no comment for I’m not a gym rat, but the gag is, I love a muscle man….WHO IS THICK, HANDSOME, HAIRY, AND A BEAR! *woof*

  8. As a gym rat, I can tell you that Eric is telling the truth about things that happened at the gym, the stories would make a good X-rated book. I have had at least 5 encounters were someone tried to invade my personal space in the gym shower mostly old ass Snow Jackals, and one very married pineapple and all the times I checked their asses. Of course Im 6’1 235lbs so I aint worried too much, but Snow and Latino jackals are the worst by far. Snow jackals have this sense that Black men have no boundaries when it comes to them and we are here for their liking. They are so obvious when they check you out and then run when you give them a mean mug. They are bold AF and that is why if I do go to the Sauna in the gym I have my I will kick your ass face on.
    The dude who got attack must have been caught off guard for him not to beat this creeps ass. I witness a Str8 muscle bound pineapple get this little Latino twink right together one day in the locker-room for just watching him in the shower. He shouted to him “Dont look at me Faggot, Im not Gay” it literally shook the locker-room and all the snow jackals vacated with a quickness, Bro was pissed and the Latino was literally running trying to put his clothes on to get out of there. Dont be fooled though, I have peeped many a thug in the gym who have showed me all that Mother Nature gave them in the locker-room when no one else was around. It is alot of games being played every day in gyms all across these United States.

    Now if Travis Cure tried to attack me, I would have to yell in my strongest voice, “Dont Stop” LMAO.

    1. @Tajan – you are so right about the mind-sex games being played at the gyms. I’ve had a few ongoing stare downs at the gym with some very straight looking sexy guys who only seem to crave the attention yet wanted nothing to do with sex with a guy. It’s enough to make you lose your mind because some of these guys are so irresistible yet they enjoy showing off and teasing their bodies. To combat this, I only go to the gym during slow hours. Not trying to complicate my life anymore than it already is!

      1. The games never stop, I have been in the gym strong for the last 7 years and now its just a joke to me. I am a sucker for dudes with nice abs, at my old gym it was this thug who busted me checking him out one day, Im usually pretty good but he was lifting up his shirt to show his abs and I stared a little too long. After that everytime I would see this dude he would make sure he would come into my line of sight and you guessed it, lift up his shirt to do an ab check. It became a running game with us. We never said anything to each other, not even the standard “whats up” but we continued this until I guess his membership ran out or he moved. He loved the attention. The only time he wouldnt do it would be when he bring the girlfriend to the gym with him LOL. These pineapples at the gym keep it going. Ironically I am about to hit the gym now for my lunchtime workout, I am sure it will be the usual gym fuckery LOL

  9. LMAO I don’t know what kind of gyms you guys attend but I can say as a 6 ft 3 person with a sculpted body who’s been attending the gym for three years, I haven’t witnessed nor encountered any sexual things. I don’t know if it’s an American thing but I am totally removed from any of that stuff. I just go to the gym and workout for an hour and a half then I leave. I never go to the saunas and I shower as soon as I get home. But reading all of this stuff is hilarious.

  10. i have a couple of instances. when i worked out heavy at LA Fitness Atlantic station( midtown ATL) i would close my work outs with 30 minutes in the sauna and a quick shower. One time in the sauna , this dude started masturbating , rubbing his peen underneath his towel while making obvious eye contact with me and my work out buddy. i ignored him royally so he left after 5 minutes or so. i had a dude get in the shower stall across from mine, partially pull the curtains open and start jacking of while eyeing me. i immediately rinsed myself off and scurried on out outta there. The worst was at LA Fitness camp creek (ATL again) where i went to meet a friend on a Saturday afternoon. My friend stood me up, it was empty so i did my usual routine ending with the sauna( which by the way looks nasty AF ). In walks in a grandpa naked with nothing on but a mini towel. he sits down and immediately starts eye fucking me. i squirmed in my seat pretending to focus on the light fixture on the ceiling until he proceeds to ask me about my nipple ring. stuff like how long I’ve had it on, did it hurt, etc. i gave him nothing but a nasty look and curt answers.. Do you believe that this nasty ass old pervert asked me if he could touch it, winked, flickered his tongue. That was it, i got up and left. it was my last time ever at that location.

    1. LMAO, I heard it goes down at that LA Fitness like no other, I have heard that this is the new Black Gay Hotspot in ATL. Allegedly some of our favorite attentionista’s have been caught in some compromising situations up in there, all allegedly of course. I can verify that 24Hr Fitness Ladera Heights, in Los Angeles have some of the finest Black men you will ever lay eyes on and they carry on in the showers, a friend told me about a certain R&B singer who works out there who does not mind showing his huge 3rd leg in the shower. Just like is goes down in the DM’s it goes down in the gym. Anytime a bunch of men get together especially men with great bodies, testosterone kicks in an horny takes over.

    2. I’ve been going to the gym for about 6 years off and on. I have had some of the same experiences. The main reason I started going was because there was so many fine pineapples in there which motivated me to get my body together. I didn’t realize the gym was so gay. Being a discrete dude it was fascinating. I’ve been groped, but only because I allowed it ๐Ÿ˜ˆ Lol. I shower at the gym because I dont want my car to smell musty and have sweat all in my seats. The worst would have to be the married older white men that stare you down, and jack off right across from you. Then there are the fine ass pineapples that glance at you, you glance back, they dick all hard, so you start to look, then they act like they don’t want you looking. I think it’s just in the male nature to look sometimes. I try my best not to stare, but sometimes, these pineapple’s body’s be so amazing. I never see anyone doing anything in the saunas tho, maybe because at 24 they are coed. I use to all the carrying on now, I’m not uncomfortable, I just glance and keep it moving.

      -If Travis walked up on me I would be so nervous, but will let him have his way!

  11. Dudes always ask me to spot them on the flat bench.

    I spotted (more like lifted) this dude 405 for 5 sets, which he really couldn’t do but I went along.

    Dude literally grabbed my dick after his last set.

    One of the reasons why I’ve never had a gym partner even though I want one. I’m full of preworkout and I’m not there to play around.

  12. I haven’t heard of this story before and I live in Chicago. Two of my co-workers go to that gym one trains a couple of people there. The only thing I’ve heard about that gym is that someone stole some dude’s clothes from that gym and the gym gave him a shirt and some shorts from the lost and found. On the southside of Chicago there is a Planet Fitness where it’s a hook-up spot for some of the gays dude use to have a tumblr page where he would post I’ve seen some dudes that I didn’t know mess around with dudes on there

  13. This thread is so juicy, very revealing. Where is God when you need him? I could not imagine showering and being groped unexpectedly. I feel bad for the victim in this story, I truly do. I definitely would have been caught off guard for sure, not because another man touched me, but the fact that the perpetrator thought it was it was appropriate. In all honesty, it is very desperate and it says a lot about your character. Personally, it would not matter how fine the perpetrator is, it’s a no for me. I do not care if it was Paul George, keep your hands off of my body unless you have consent. I do not tolerate that shit. Also, do not be on here advocating against sexual assault when you stance depends on whether the perpetrator is fine. Nah.

  14. I lived in NYC for over 9 years and have so many stories that I could write a series — everything from gyms that are no longer open – to train/platform stories – the works.

    The biggest one of all had to be the Bally’s Total Fitness that used to be on 54th street by Madison Ave – it was right next to the Peninsula and St. Regis hotel.

    That gym was a literal BATHHOUSE. All the trainers weather they had girlfriends or not were there getting it on. All of the upper management knew and did nothing. There were no privacy in the showers – no shower curtains so you were literally showering across from someone else. People got fucked in the showers – condoms – no condoms – you name it. The cleaning staff would wait until the gym was about to close before they came down to “clean” they even had special tongs they would use to pick up the condoms they did it like it was routine.

    I will never forget being in the sauna – and one day there was a 50 guy circle jerk where everyone whipped out their equipment and started going, it completely blew my mind. And while there were some amazing wolves there including my trainer — I had to leave I couldn’t focus on getting myself together while people’s lockers were being broken into – and when you come in from the working out and want to grab a shower you hear someone getting their back blown out, and full out moaning – while a bunch of guys stand around and jerk off.

  15. The gym is not for me. I can deal with home workouts and my thinness. I def don’t tolerate that eye sexing and touching. No one puts their hands on me without my consent. There is this guy in one of my socail group s who always goes to the gym. Planet Fitness of whatever the hell. I hate him and he hates me, we never get along with each other. He probably a gym ho… too.. Idk ๐Ÿ˜“

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