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i know that i’m going to date a wolf with kids.
as we grow up,
males have kids and also realize they are attracted to other males too.
i don’t want to meet their kids until it is serious between me and dad.
i’m not trying to play “new daddy” but that’s a lot during the first stages.
i know vixens who don’t introduce any partners to their kids.
they only meet the kids once the relationship gets serious.
i hate when vixens have randoms all around their children.
i was reading up on this whole former basketball wives star,
royce reed,
and the debacle involving her kid last night.
her 14-year-old son was allegedly molesting other kids.
she turned herself in for felony child neglect

shaun t digs deeper

the pretty vixen finally watched “sex and the city” during the pandemic last year.
she never watched the show before.
i told her one of my favorite characters was samantha because of her fearless approach to sex.
she said:

“Samantha comes off like she was a victim of sexual abuse when she was younger.
All that sleeping around is not cute.
Imagine if she was a real person doing all of that.”

i still can’t unthink it.
we always talk about sex but we never talk about sex abuse.
we often focus on the female pov of sexual abuse and assault,
but many males have experienced their fair share of it when we were younger.
due to being violated at such vulnerable ages,
we lock away our inner children at that moment they were abused.
when we tried to our parents they laughed it off or intimidated us.
we often suffer in silence and destroy others along the way.
sometimes homophobia and self-hatred come from someplace deeper.

We gotta wonder if all these self-proclaimed male whores are coming from a place of being victims.

some of these onlyfans stars seem to have been victims disguised as sex-positive.
fitness icon,
shaun t,
shared another part of his truth in a recent ig video called “dig deeper“…

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dababy allegedly loses his virginity at 5?

i love how honest males are being about molestation.
it use to be vixens laying their trauma on the table,
but males are speaking up with their truths.
is the next male to share his alleged experience of being molested.
this is what he had to say on a past “lip service” podcast

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hosea chanchez gets transparent about being molested

the truth can set you free.
it’s true.
you have to face your demons in order to be at peace.
i haven’t seen malik from “the game“,
played by hosea chanchez,
in a minute.
weird enough,
i thought about him randomly the other day.
he wrote a very transparent entry on his ig about being molested today.
this is what he had to font

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did aaron hernandez father secretly ruin him?

some of the older generations really ruined some of us.
i’m talking generation x and the baby boomers.
gay or straight.
i don’t know how some of them were raised,
but they definitely took their issues out on us.
it’s obvious how some are try to reclaim their youth.
it becomes a dangerous cycle,
through millennials and generation z,
until someone decides to stop.
unfortunately ex nfl baller jackal,
aaron hernandez,
decided to stop by killing himself.

new reports have taken a deeper look into his childhood.
one that was riddled with abuse and molestation.
this will be a two part entry.
it all seemed to allegedly start when his father passed in 2007,
the same year he took ^that yearbook picture,
but it seems his life was pure hell before that via “the daily mail”
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The Jackal Who Wanted The Cheeks In The Gym Shower

we see all this meat in the gym and we want to touch.
i can understand the frustration.
the wolf/fox/hybrid you literally want to fuck is standing there,
in the flesh,
and your loins are on fire.
don’t get killed for it now.
well an f-bi alerted me of a jackal in chicago that couldn’t resist his urges.
so this is what he did via the chicago tribune
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