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the pretty vixen finally watched “sex and the city” during the pandemic last year.
she never watched the show before.
i told her one of my favorite characters was samantha because of her fearless approach to sex.
she said:

“Samantha comes off like she was a victim of sexual abuse when she was younger.
All that sleeping around is not cute.
Imagine if she was a real person doing all of that.”

i still can’t unthink it.
we always talk about sex but we never talk about sex abuse.
we often focus on the female pov of sexual abuse and assault,
but many males have experienced their fair share of it when we were younger.
due to being violated at such vulnerable ages,
we lock away our inner children at that moment they were abused.
when we tried to our parents they laughed it off or intimidated us.
we often suffer in silence and destroy others along the way.
sometimes homophobia and self-hatred come from someplace deeper.

We gotta wonder if all these self-proclaimed male whores are coming from a place of being victims.

some of these onlyfans stars seem to have been victims disguised as sex-positive.
fitness icon,
shaun t,
shared another part of his truth in a recent ig video called “dig deeper“…


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brave and powerful to admit that about his stepfather.
i applaud him for being so transparent and honest.

We never know what people have dealt with.

some of us have some deep shit that we are holding onto.
no amount of working out or fitting in with the cool kids will heal that trauma.
i feel like many people are becoming comfortable in sharing their truths these days,
no matter how ugly it was or had us feeling.
i love to see it.

not everyone is comfortable sharing their truths so public tho.
many of us need therapy to help unpack the things that locked us away.
if you were a victim of sexual abuse or assault:

Your inner child is begging to be healed.

please seek therapy or speak to someone you trust.
therapy has really helped me release a majority of my inner demons.
it’s time YOU do the same.
i love you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “shaun t digs deeper”

  1. Well done. You continue to shine a light on a subject that needs to be discussed openly and honestly. You are saving lives this way, brother.

  2. It’s crazy cuz jamari you talk about a lot of the voice notes and interviews I’ve done that I keep putting off on incorporating into a podcast
    Both the people who have Samantha personalities who I know in real life were sexually abused

    And even the outward expression and fucking
    In public the onlyfans workers do is a form of sexual assault .. when you anticipate getting caught you’re incorporating non consenting people into your fetish that’s sick and we don’t talk about it enough.

    We try to destigmatiZe everything

    Some shit should remain taboo

    1. “We try to destigmatiZe everything

      Some shit should remain taboo”

      Absolutely, yes!! It’s terrifying to think how out of control these people are, that they would do shit like this in public!! They should be thrown in prison forever, fr!! 💯

  3. My heart goes out to anybody that has been touched as we call it. I pray all can reclaim their power and channel the trauma into something good.

  4. I remember Chris Brown bragging about sleeping with his babysitter at 8 years old. He doesn’t realize he was molested and raped. So all of his hypersexual BS makes sense when you look at his story.

    Straight men getting molested by women is “a badge of honor”. A disturbing double standard. And too many pedophiles date single women to have access to their children.

    And oftentimes, doesn’t have to be a stranger. It can be a relative or sibling. The problem is even when kids speak up, evil don’t-deserve-to-be-parents punish them or dismiss them as lying. They’re more worried about what people will think instead of protecting their flesh and blood.

  5. I’m proud of Shaun for sharing this because we really do need to start having open and honest conversations surrounding male sexual assault and even what people have/are doing to our kids. It’s disturbing how excused and cheered on this type of behavior is when aimed at men.

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