why aren’t you being honest?

i was fonting with one of my dear best friends today in texts.
she asked me:

that question always made me nervous.
i got caught up in trying to impress her.
i always saw her as having it together but i am always a mess.
so i always wanted to look like i was doing something even if i wasn’t.
i was always full of excuses because i would do that when i was younger.
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oh hi, i’m back from my psychotic meltdown

two things can be true at the same time.
i don’t think many of us realize this,
especially in the black community.
we expect everyone to be as pretty and perfect as what we see on instagram.

you can have a very pretty life and be very sad too.

There are people who post their pretty pictures but literally waiting to die.

can you handle their truth?
or do you want them to always be pretty?
to entertain you because you are dying inside too?
you don’t come to this foxhole because i post pretty pictures,
pretending to be better than you…

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the lone wolf of b5, dustin michael, makes an announcement of his truth

my sister was obsessed with b5 when she was younger.
it was cute watching her light up when they came on tv.
they were all brothers or something,
dustin michael,
one of the members of the former group,
had an announcement to share with us.
after the recent death of a trans vixen,
he decided to share his own truth to the forests with this ig video…

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shaun t digs deeper

the pretty vixen finally watched “sex and the city” during the pandemic last year.
she never watched the show before.
i told her one of my favorite characters was samantha because of her fearless approach to sex.
she said:

“Samantha comes off like she was a victim of sexual abuse when she was younger.
All that sleeping around is not cute.
Imagine if she was a real person doing all of that.”

i still can’t unthink it.
we always talk about sex but we never talk about sex abuse.
we often focus on the female pov of sexual abuse and assault,
but many males have experienced their fair share of it when we were younger.
due to being violated at such vulnerable ages,
we lock away our inner children at that moment they were abused.
when we tried to our parents they laughed it off or intimidated us.
we often suffer in silence and destroy others along the way.
sometimes homophobia and self-hatred come from someplace deeper.

We gotta wonder if all these self-proclaimed male whores are coming from a place of being victims.

some of these onlyfans stars seem to have been victims disguised as sex-positive.
fitness icon,
shaun t,
shared another part of his truth in a recent ig video called “dig deeper“…

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so onlyfans isn’t, kinda, sorta, not really, maybe/maybe not, banning sex work?

so what is the truth with this onlyfans situation?
we got sex workers panicking out here.
if they aren’t highkey vex,
they’re trying to build websites just so they continue to do their thing.
tyga erased his onlyfans is ( x starting his own website ).
lucky rashad is on the same wave too:

i’m shocked “justforfans” isn’t trying to swoop in for the kill.
is there misinformation happening tho?

is onlyfans really banning sexual content at the beginning of october?
a foxholer sent me this

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how do we know we aren’t canceling innocent folks over lies?

when social media gets on a wave,
do we get on that wave.
we will surf that muthafucka until we wipe clean out.
as of late,
i’ve been thinking of social media’s obsession with canceling others.
some days,
i can’t keep up with everyone who gets canceled.
don’t get me wrong,
some deserve their cancelations.
merely riled up a group of “sjws”.
social justice warriors for those who don’t know.
it reminds me that we truly never left high school.

You weren’t part of the popular crowd if you didn’t fit in/follow the crowd

this leads me to dangers of the “#metoo/times up” movement…

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