atl tayh needs ya’ll to help him pay his 25k medical bills by fundraiser

the ability to judge well.
many gay males don’t know how to properly judge.
many of us view sexual activity,
nice bodies,
or being a diva as the gold standard.
atl tayh aka horace dillard jr has accumulated some high medical bills.
like the victim in his alleged “hit and no run“,
a foxholer sent me what his “mom” set up for his gofundme yesterday…


this is super sus-auge.
so his “mom” decided to set up a gofundme for her son,

who is (in his twitter caption) the top 0.01% on onlyfans?

if people are able to buy full houses from their onlyfans earnings,
you mean to tell me he can’t get on a payment plan for this bill?

if your “mom” is going to write a pr statement,
please have someone who is an actual writer cop the pleas for you.
the grammar in that shit is atrocious.

it’s really insulting that his “mom” would try to scam his fan base like that.
now some gay jackals are absolutely dumb so they were born to get scammed.
this isn’t a situation where someone is getting evicted or came about with hard times.
someone may have willingly been a participant in recklessly harming someone else.
someone else is hurt because of THEIR alleged actions.

since he wanna be grown,
he gotta put on his big boy drawz on and take this L.
it’s really that simple and his “mom” should know better.

Judging from how many people still support R. Kelly after all the evidence presented,
I have lost hope that some folks have the proper discernment.


 instead of doing this nonsense,
he needs to get on that onlyfans grind!
money needs to be made!
medical bills gotta be paid!
his “mom” needs to be on that kris jenner special,

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “atl tayh needs ya’ll to help him pay his 25k medical bills by fundraiser”

  1. I refuse to believe ” His Biological Mother ” is behind this.

    I think its his –” House Of Only Fans Extravaganza ” –HOUSE Mother- who is really behind this shady scam??? ha ha ha ha

  2. NOPE! He is liar and a scammer. But if he is really hurt, let him succumb to his injuries and die. So that he won’t have to hurt any innocent people anymore. Good riddance.

    1. I hope your words dont come back on you tomorrow karma is real you could be in an freak accident any moment try some honey boo cuz lemons are bitter

  3. It’s them having Walter Lee Hampton’s video as part of the gofundme campaign explanation for me. His “mom” must not have watched the video because Walter is NOT painting him in a good light at all.

  4. Wait, so he said this was fake news but now that Twitter account is showing what appear to be VERY serious charges that do involve reckless driving? So maybe it wasn’t strictly drag racing but he allegedly (according to those charges, if they’re true!) nearly killed that young woman, and could have killed himself. The charges explain that ankle bracelet, which I doubt he would have gotten had this been a true accident. I don’t believe his mother set up the page, either, but I could be wrong. She needs to raise some funds to get him some counseling too.

  5. He is young he is human and he hasn’t been legally convicted of anything dam jealousy is really real bitter comments bitter culture

        1. BooBOO Kitty Quarius
          You should go into the PR business, Lil Boy. Atl Tayh needs a competent representative to translate his versions of the truth to the media. You are hired.

  6. The look for him isn’t cute at all. He just emits from his inner being something desperate, selfish and sick.i 🙏 for him.

  7. Do you see how much he has to pay?????? He’d better spread it like butter and hit up the DL ATL elite. Yikes. More than my student loans.

  8. Didn’t I tell yall he was getting charged with reckless driving and speeding. He pleaded to lesser charges. All them fees he can pay for but those medical bills he is going to need help paying. His best bet is to get a real job. Gofundme is not going to give him all the money he raised if any

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