the hellhounds of prison are the only things prentiss madden will be seeing

now that we know the story behind ^these pictures,
it’s pretty horrific to even wonder if that poor dog is one of his victims.
remember prentiss madden?
i know you might be trying to forget.
he was the veterinarian hyena who was filming himself having sex with animals.
not only that,
he had a shit ton of child pornography as well.
( x see the past story here )
a foxholer wanted to update me on the end result of the case…

A veterinarian in Florida has been sentenced to 272 months behind bars for collecting child pornography and recording himself sexually abusing dogs.

Prentiss Madden was arrested in March and pleaded guilty a few months later in July to child pornography and animal cruelty charges, according to prosecutors with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.

Prosecutors said the 40-year-old had thousands of graphic images showing male infants and toddlers engaged in sex with adults and that he made several videos of himself having sex with dogs, which he shared online and through social media. He received many of the child porn images and videos via internet chats, where he also frequently discussed sexually abusing children.

excuse me but…

During his sentencing on Friday, Madden apologized to those he harmed, adding that he had suffered sexual abuse as a child and witnessed his mother get severely beaten by his stepfather, the Miami Herald reported.

“This is never who I planned to be or thought I would be,” he said. “It does not represent who I am as a person.

can someone explain something to me?

Why do people like to share their crimes online?

these folks love bragging and flexing they’re the degenerates of the forests.
i guess it’s good they do because it gets them up outta here,
but it’s so bizarre to me how they end up getting caught.

Did Prentiss really think he wasn’t gonna lose it all while risking it all?

he comes off like a full-blown psychopath tho so good riddance.
the excuse he used might be common with most of the fucked up,
but that doesn’t make it right at all.
the fact there are places within the net that share shit like this is so disturbing.

i hope all the victims in his nonsense can heal.
i hope the pets involved weren’t severely scarred too much.
i hope prentiss never gets a moment’s sleep while in prison.

lowkey: we can trust people with our kids and our damn pets.

article cc: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

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9 thoughts on “the hellhounds of prison are the only things prentiss madden will be seeing”

  1. Dirty dick sick… I’m done. This is a prime example of somebody who needs to be castrated. They are going to make him a complete bitch in jail

  2. This connects to a post about people that went through or saw something as toxic and harmful and decide to do those same things how therapy is really really really important in order to avoid a repeat of that. However he’s done the damage and deserves all the negativity he is getting from this I really hope he feels the weight of how damaging and disgusting this behavior is.

  3. Goodt. I said it before and I’ll say it again: LOOK IN THESE DUDES EYES! Stop allowing outward appearances and paper accomplishments cloud your judgement.

    Abusers love the defenseless: animals, babies, the elderly, people under the influence, and the mentally and physically disabled. I’m on guard whenever I see people have unusual bonds with the aforementioned.

  4. I am thinking the sharing online is probably to gain a sense of community and probably lesses your guilt about these awful actions. I would assume sharing let’s the community know you are safe and others will share stuff with you.

    I think it’s like in the 90s when closeted people found chat sites where you could be comfortable being themselves when you couldn’t be themselves in the real world.

  5. I don’t know if you remember the director of the Guardians of the Galaxy said some sick stuff and they fired him and he did Suicide Squad. They hired him back, but people who say things like who even jokes about that?

    To brag about that…sounds like he wanted to get caught. And that’s what scares me. Flaunting it. Daring someone to stop you.

    “I got abused” is not an excuse and never will be.
    So many people find productive or less destructive ways to work through that trauma, whether it’s putting themself into their work, having tons of sex, obsessing over their body….that’s like saying you got robbed so you went and robbed someone. It’s not even about 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

    Someone who was TRULY hurt would try to protect others from having that happen to them. Deviants use any excuse to try and garner sympathy.

    Some “humans” aren’t really human. They look like us, but something is wrong. Their brain is warped and they grow up to harm animals, rape, all types of things that you read about in the news.

    1. Him and so did the guy over Rick & Morty. I will say I’m glad that he apologized before he got in trouble about it, but once I found out any positive opinion that I had of them both has definitely changed/diminished. I also want to point out that it’s really fucked up that people who called him out about this knew he made comments like this but only said something because he was anti-trump and all that.

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