q4: angry in character development

i feel angry these days.
my therapist told me how this is a change from when i first started.
now i’m not gonna hold you,
but my anger isn’t making me bitter.
i’m actually still quite pleasant.
i’m not listening to sad songs and crying about things undone.
even within the darkness,
i still hold onto hope for a better tomorrow...

I’m angry at the things people did to me.
I’m angry at the things I allowed.

therapy helped me pull the rose-colored glasses off.
i can’t put all the blame on everyone.
i played a major part as well.

I should have learned boundaries.
I should have brought down the rains of hell on some people.
I should have realized these curious males were not checking for me.
I should have understood my energy is precious and needed to be protected.

“should have”.
know better now.
so many other things i allowed that ended me up in misery.
i feel like my true power is coming back.
i feel different in ways i never felt before.
i will always recommend therapy to anyone.

Why hold on to things that don’t serve you any longer?

i might be low on funds and in my crib for months,
but this is the happiest i think i’ve ever been.

I worked on me and I feel ready to come back.

a healed jamari is gonna be the most dangerous one yet.

“when my dragons are grown,
we will take back what was stolen from me,
and destroy those who’ve wronged me.
we will lay waste to armies and burn cities to the ground.”

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “q4: angry in character development”

  1. I swear I’m going through the same thing right now. I’m angry but I’m not depressed. Seeing the world through a new lens. I want to burn every bridge of people leeching on my life. A lot of the people I felt I could trust have shown me recently their underhanded motives to remain in my life.

    I go out of my way to make sure I’m nice caring and don’t offend or disappoint but the energy is rarely reciprocated. People always say I’m so nice and sweet and it’s because I’m really trying to be nice and kind always conscious of how some interprets my actions and words. Imagine if I tried the opposite. Anytime I’m angry it fuels my next accomplishment and reinvention. So it’s a welcome energy.

    1. ^YESSSSSS!!!

      if you feel mad,
      be mad.
      stay with that.
      we are always taught to be nice and kind,
      but that creates people pleasing.
      whatever you are feeling is OKAY.
      use that energy to propel you to greatness.
      a lot of the best music and acting is made from pure emotions.

      i’m angry and i want those that hurt me to burn.
      by burn,
      by the heat from the phoenix rising within me.

  2. Forgiveness id a concept cowards created to avoid accountability.

    Feel the anger. Then let it guide you.

    Be angry at what you allowed. Never allow it again.

    Trust your gut. Speak up. Demand to be treated how you deserve. If others don’t comply, remove their access to you.

    You can’t control others. You can control how much power on your life you give them. Regroup in silence. Don’t reveal your plans.

    A tiger doesn’t need to announce it’s a tiger. You see the stripes. It’s time to let this anger fuel everything you were afraid of. Take those risks. What doesn’t work is an arrow closer to what does. Silence your doubts. They’re not yours. They’re the voices of people who limited you. No more “what if?’ It’s time for “why not me?”

    You deserve everything coming to you. Don’t ask for permission to fight for your peace of mind.

    1. Seli- That was good, real good. I really liked your post. I took things from it for my own life. Thank you.🌹

  3. You possess a influential scope and insight that will reach far and much wider than just here at this blog. You will serve a global international audience at some point. You are travailing in your Spirit to give birth to something bigger. I see a talk show in your future.
    Most of your fans who respond or comment on your posts are really bright, intelligent , literate people. The ” I Just Can’t Be In That Lifestyle” piece alone, is a two part talk show episode. It deeply struck a chord with me. Keep up the good work, Mr. 🦊

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