they are fighting for flash brown while he isn’t fighting the urge for the alleged D

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between all this nonsense happening with attentionisto,
flash brown,

there is a vixen involved.
maybe 2?
there will always be a vixen (or gay male) to stand by a sus man.


when we “love” someone,
we tend to look past all the things that are wrong with them.
the foxhole is pretty into this story tbh.
an f-bi sent me the new tatt that flash got for his current partner.
you’ll never guess where…

on the face tho?

in a “jerry springer” kind of twist,
another white vixen is laying claim on flash too.
lisa clary came through to tweet this:

what’s wild is that he is allegedly tweeting this:

and a f-bi sent me what he is allegedly doing to this:


 they do say white vixens will love on their bisexual wolves.
i mean,
some white males will let ( x black male(s) penetrate their wives ).
it’s all about the fetishes some folks have.
all of this might be flash brown.
just because black straights and gays will judge,
and i’m guilty of judging,
that doesn’t mean other communities are.
a majority of our communities are uptight and trying not to look like hoes,
all while being dl hoes and uptight in our personal guilt.

at first,
i thought this was some contrived shit,
but i see this is some real shit.
 at least he has found something that he is passionate about.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “they are fighting for flash brown while he isn’t fighting the urge for the alleged D”

  1. Duh???? how can any one person lay claims to a porn star?? He F*Cks any and everybody.

    Also ,Is anyone shocked he is sucking white peen??? Most of his co-stars are White and he is married to a White woman.( I assumed fucking White females goes with black males who work in the porn industry)

    I still think Flash is attractive and even more so with his sexual expansion of being filmed with men etc.

  2. Male porn actors are bisexual at the very least. Heterosexual porn pays Black male porn actors more and the production gives a damn about their safety. Just about all of them have fucked with men off cam. I’d be here all day if I named them, but if he’s on a porn site fucking some bitch and he gives off vibes, it’s a guarantee.

    I never got the hype of sex with (supposedly) straight men. They don’t wash properly and their sex looks unremarkable. An entire subset of gay culture was created from the fantasy of ‘turning out’ straight men. There’s no such thing as turning out the willing, unless he was under the influence of drugs to the point of being invalid, which makes it rape, big dick trade as they call it has sucked or fucked another dick in his lifetime or at the very least thought of it. That’s why so many of them end up fucking with trans.

    Flash is going out sad just like his namesake with the locs.

    1. I too never got off into ” craving for a Straight Man/ Trade ” . If he is messing with a “Gay” man doesn’t that cancel out him being “Straight”?????

      Besides. I’m just as much a man as he is perceived to be . I like a man who knows what he wants and doesn’t have to hide it.[ Gay, Bi, etc ] I have never dated, or pursued men who had girlfriends , wives or labeled themselves “straight”.

      Its a major, major turn off to me!!

      I consider Flash to now officially be , Bi- or Tri -Sexual( ha ha ha )

  3. That’s TRAGIC. Tragic. So sad to watch. Emasculating, servile and just bad looking:; to be crawling up to some white penis, especially on your knees. And the wife’s name: Alexi’s Couture, sounds and looks like a she male.
    I have been clean for 19 years from a one year stint using crack cocaine. That hit makes you want to put a cobra head in your mouth, whatever
    or whoever is there, you want to suck .The desperation is real for real. I hope he makes it out safely.

  4. Didn’t it come out that he let’s her call him the n-word though? or was that another black straight pornstar that I saw do that.

    Anyways these tactics are a fool and I would pretend like I’m surprised but I’m fully not. lol

  5. Sheesh, how fat and gross was the white dude in the video? So weird when Black perfect 10’s crave white 4’s and 5’s. I guess as long as it’s white, it’s right.

  6. People have low key nasty, derogatory, and all kinds of fetishes and that gets them high. They do not need a drug to get them that way or look that way. That fetish gets them that way. Just like a oral guy eyes get red when he is sucking a big ass dick and he looks out of it. He is out of it because that dick is giving him what he need and likes. Flash is not somebody I care about but apparently he has a type. Whether we like it or not, he gon do it and the people he do it with will do it too.

  7. Black men who are into white women are usually easily to have other men. So I am not surprised at anything that these so called straight men want do. You can look at those gangbang videos and see that their legs are touching and even the dicks are rubbing each other!! It’s nothing new to me.

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