everyone is mad what rihanna thinks about her son

cc: Vogue

rihanna is on the tip of everyone’s tongue this week.
from the opinions about her superbowl performance,
her pregnancy reveal on the mario maker stage,
and now what she said about her son on ig.
she was celebrating him with their feature in the latest british vogue.
she made the mistake and said this in her ig caption…

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chris brown has taken the role of princess these days

from the last entry,
many celebs are out of touch and i think this is why their allure is fading.
many of them live in bubbles and expect us to live there too.
chris brown was upset his latest album,
sold less than he wanted.
he put this in his ig stories:


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t-pain said he suffers from “princess complex” with dj akademiks

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i was just telling someone that people are so angry these days.
they are lashing out at everyone.
it’s so bad,
you push someone on accident and they might kill you.
some folks spent 2 years not being able to do what they wanted.
they are angry at the government and the people in their lives.
people realized they don’t like their partners or even their kids.
before we were able to escape and ignore but with the panny:

We had to face the demons inside and out of our lives head-on.

so they go out into the forests and will snap if things don’t go their way.
this she-jackal snapped cause she ain’t get no ranch dressing


q4: angry in character development

i feel angry these days.
my therapist told me how this is a change from when i first started.
now i’m not gonna hold you,
but my anger isn’t making me bitter.
i’m actually still quite pleasant.
i’m not listening to sad songs and crying about things undone.
even within the darkness,
i still hold onto hope for a better tomorrow...

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im very angry at other (the wrong) people.

we don’t realize when we have fallen into a dark place.
it isn’t until someone points it out that we face that truth.
you can acting one way for the public,
cheery and having a “i’m good” mask on,
but be a whole other way deep inside.
that def has been me tbh.
i’m here to tell you that i’ve been faking it

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dwayne mckell is upset because he is a sex pioneer and wants to feel included


i was just talking to the pretty vixen today about our fallen attentionistos.
everyone knows an attentionisto who is a fallen star.
as much as they flexed their (sex) lives all over social media,
they somehow didn’t “make it”.
either by scandal or no one cared anymore.

dwayne mckell,
is angry today.
so blac chyna is coming out with a documentary about onlyfans.
it’s called “only cam: LA” and it will be on zeus:

this is what he had to font about it on his twitter

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