chris brown has taken the role of princess these days

from the last entry,
many celebs are out of touch and i think this is why their allure is fading.
many of them live in bubbles and expect us to live there too.
chris brown was upset his latest album,
sold less than he wanted.
he put this in his ig stories:


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t-pain said he suffers from “princess complex” with dj akademiks

he “rioght”, he “rioght”.
for those who need a foxhole definition:

Princess Complex: Someone who expects to be called pretty or amazing,
but when they aren’t,
they are upset and throwing tantrums.

chris brown is one of those because he has been coddled to be one.
i’ll be 100 with you:

Chris Brown has been making the same variation of the same album these last few projects.

this new album sounds like his usual.
it’s 50-11 songs on trap shit talmbout fuckin’ bitches,
fucking other people’s bitches,
partying with a gaggle of bitches,
and being hurt by one of these bitches.
i did like the second half of the album.
the first half was mid.
chris brown plays it very safe in the lane that he usually dominates in.
gaslighting his fans into thinking otherwise won’t help them buy it.
again: out of touch.
no one cares this rich wolf didn’t get richer.
i think he should try something new for his next project.
take us back with some nostalgic shit.
at this point…

People want to feel good and go back to a time when things were good.

throwing your crown on the ground in full rage won’t help sell any copies.

lowkey: chris brown albums be too long.
it take a week and a half just to finish it.

9 thoughts on “chris brown has taken the role of princess these days

  1. Chris Brown has always had a difficult time with accountability. When he was called out for his lyrics that many Black people found disrespectful towards dark skin women, he not only doubled down on his comments, but mocked them…essentially alientating his fan base. Iwonder does he see a correlation? Probably not due to an overblown ego and drugs.

  2. Ehh I’ve never been a fan of his nonsinging ass. He does have hits and bops but ehh, a heavy ehh!

  3. Chris Brown is OUT OF TOUCH, I didn’t even know he was releasing an album, he has NO promotion, is NOT on TV, is NOT on award shows, people have kinda forgot about him at this point. And Musically Chris has not grown! He doesn’t belt, he doesn’t give vocal climaxes, the song writing is STILL juvenile and sub par, there’s nothing on a Chris Brown album that’s gonna “stay with you” after it goes off

    1. ^ which is why i’m confused why he is acting like he created a masterpiece.
      this sounds very safe for him.
      other artists are out here experimenting and trying new things.
      ima need him to listen to some 90s records and come back with some dopeness.

      1. Honestly he has made enough doing mediocre music and it is time to take a risk! He has goods songs but they burnout quickly! He has no perfect albums in his catalog. F.A.M.E. was close but not perfect. He needs to go the Beyoncé road and tap into something way out there and surprise people cause otherwise he will be at the end of his run and the game will move on.

      2. Co-sign this comment. He needs to step out of his comfort zone. He needs to work with a producer that isn’t afraid to take risks musically, and help him elevate his music. Sadly a lot of R&B artists, and his peers, are in that same rut. Singing about fuckin’, clubbin’ and drinkin’ gets tired REAL fast. If he knew how to put pen to paper, and write about the shyt he’s been through…Chris could’ve had some masterpieces. LOL
        He need to have some conversations with Mary, Usher, Adele, and Mariah…just to name a few.

  4. He needs to take a break and elevate
    Stop trying To make club hits and write about his allegations and lawsuits and the things that the media is interested in

    You keep having kids but there’s no songs about fatherhood or your new son or his mother

    Just doing drugs and fucking

    1. ^ and i think he is stagnant now tbh.
      he needs to really give us an era because these 211 songs per album was cool the first 2 times.

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