you will never be friends with rich people unless you are rich too

you will never be friends with beyonce,
nicki minaj,
or britney spears.
following them on social and buying their shit doesn’t equal friendship.
we are not in their tax bracket to be their friends.
don’t get me wrong,
they can follow you back on socials and invite you to events,
but being true friends with them?…


first off,
some of us can’t go and drop 10k on clothes and shoes to keep up.
trips with them will always run expensive since that is their lifestyle,
and this is the biggest one:

You cannot relate to them.

i know you think you do but you don’t.
their tax brackets compared to some of our own don’t allow that.
we can be on the same level as many of them.
emotions run differently than what’s in a checking account.
you can have 100k in savings and be negative 100k in your mentality.
almost all celebs are out of touch with the regular everyday person.
they don’t shop at the same stores,
eat the same meals,
or run in the same social circles as us.
some of us can’t afford to sit next to odell beckham jr in VIP.
we can’t have a conversation with drake about our fucked up boss.
does someone like ari flecther care you are being abused by your partner?

we will always be “the handout“,
the fan club manager“,
or “the poor one“.
i hate to font this too but…

A majority of higher tax bracket folks look down on many of us.

if not all,
tend to be too out of touch to relate with the regular person anymore.
this isn’t meant to bring anyone down but it’s meant to be realistic.

At best,
you will be an associate.

here is the thing…
we hardly associate with people who aren’t in the same social circles as us.
how many times have we called someone ghetto or “too poor“?
some of us are content hanging on the block all day and night.
some of us are content complaining we can’t afford this and that.

Have you noticed some of your “more paid” friends don’t invite you out?

it’s not that they don’t like you; they know you can’t afford it.
look at how some of these folks with ig fame treat other people?
they are poor themselves and act like they are on lebron levels of rich.
i think kellon deryck is fine af but i can’t relate to him or his lifestyle.
the most i can offer him is sex and to pick his brain on his success.
until i’m on his level,
we might not a lot to talk about.

karaoke had this to font when the conversation came up today:

…and i can’t help but agree.

lowkey: a lot of people are in parasocial relationships with celebs,
content creators,
and streamers.
don’t get it confused with real friendship.
per ( x verywellmind ):

A parasocial relationship is a one-sided relationship that a media user engages in with a media persona.

Media users can form parasocial relationships with celebrities, live-action fictional characters, social media influencers, animated characters, and any other figure they encounter through media, including movies, TV shows, podcasts, radio talk shows, or social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.

While the research on parasocial relationships typically focuses on friendship-like bonds between a media user and a favored media persona, media users may also form negative parasocial relationships and even romantic parasocial relationships with different media figures.

stay woke.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “you will never be friends with rich people unless you are rich too”

  1. You mention kellon deryck I’m old fashioned to me that’s not a celebrity he’s celebrity adjacent but he’s the help to a celebrity

    The issue with social media is it’s made proximity to stars be a new plateau

    People used to have to have a rare talent now you can strip naked or do somebody’s hair

    Being able to fuck or style Is a talent but I wouldn’t consider it rare

    People are shocked in my personal life when they see certain Ppl follow me bc I’m always humble bc it doesn’t matter they not sending me $

    More people should have that mindset

  2. You have said a mouthful in this post. I think that is why our country on a whole is so “F” up because Poor Whites think one day they are going to be as Rich as their Orange God Trump so they will continue to vote for people who don’t give a Rats Ass about them and vote against their own interests, and these Rich People who are responsible for sending all the good jobs that don’t require an education overseas that they use to populate and be able to make a living from, these corporate mercenaries have convinced them that it is the Minorities in the country especially Blacks and Hispanics who are taking all that is meant for them. Rich White People are no different, they do not want poor whites around them. Trump wouldn’t spit on these Hillbillies who would lay down their life for him if they were on fire. They would not be welcomed in his clubs. Howard Stern told them how he really feels about them and yet due to so many Americans being convinced that one day they are going to be rich like him they just ignore the truth.

    With Black folks we run ourselves ragged to own Bullshit like expensive bags, clothes, shoes and other White owned designer goods to make other people think we belong and have arrived, instead of putting our money into things as a whole that will benefit multiple generations or our families. Many of our people try to hustle each other with get rich quick schemes such as network marketing, or many our people get rich from religion such as the mega pastors, its literally Billions to be made in our community through religious means. Our people put so much emphasis on Celebrity Culture and 99 percent of Black celebrities are not even rich by real rich people standards. All races of people put others who have less than them in a category to think they are better and the rich are no better, it is even levels to how rich is rich in American society with super rich people looking down on less rich people. America pushes this dream that we all are going to be rich if we work hard enough and that only applies to a scant few people who are lucky enough to catch breaks. The majority of us no matter how hard we work will never be rich, the system is stack against us in so many ways. So the best thing to do is to live life in your means and enjoy and be thankful and grateful for what you got. I wish I could get back all the money from my younger years I wasted trying to impress people, I wish I could tell those people who buy expensive things to make themselves feel good and make them think they belong to something that the really rich people don’t look at your designer gear twice and they don’t respect gaudy displays of wealth, their only use for you is to make them even richer. It is sad that so many people think Rich Celebrities actually give a $hit about them and how they are living from day to day because they post something heartwarming on social media, they just want you to buy their products/records/movies so that they can continue to live good.

    1. Preach Tajan I couldn’t agree more…they are not that into you they just want something from you.

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