so bow wow got that fire, huh? (according to orlando brown)

before i get into the following,
i’m playing devil’s advocate for a minute.

Some of ya’ll got ya’ll world rocked by someone that wasn’t physically attractive.
Don’t even play cause not all your bodies were IG attentionistos.
You had that one whose sex blew you out of the water.

If they were to put you on blast today,
we would all be wondering why would you mess with “that creature”.

former child star,
orlando brown,
loves to talk.
people deem him crazy for all his wild behavior and spilling tea.
so far he has outed his alleged past relationship with raven symone,
that trey songz is allegedly gay,
and that nick cannon allegedly gave him head.

in another wild outing,
he said that bow wow allegedly has…

…some bomb ass pu$$y.


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sidebar: why does orlando brown look 74 years old?
this pineapple is 34.

i feel like that clip needed an air horn sound effect during the silence.
now i can’t confirm or deny if bow wow is gay,

but these types of sassy:

…tend to have bomb ass pu$$y.
vixens that act like this tend to have bomb ass puSSy.

orlando brown is the worst type to mess with.
if they have a reputation as he does,
everyone will brush it off as crazy.
it’s like when people try to gaslight us when their exes are spilling their tea.
they try to make it seem like “all their exes are crazy“.
those “crazy” ones be telling the truth sometimes tho.
this is the whole interview:

lowkey: this married news reporter thought she linked sneaky with this rapper.
big zuu.
she didn’t realize that big zuu has a big mouth.
he blasted her on air while she was interviewing him…

don’t let this be you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “so bow wow got that fire, huh? (according to orlando brown)”

  1. Okay…Bow Wow..I said that years ago. He’s the type; and Raven…maybe…but doubting it. Like Ĺil Nas X, I think “gay” was a market move and it stuck for both. Nick Cannon…naaah, ain’t even fine but I would believe Orlando sucking Nick’s dick (long line there…lol)

  2. The interviewer is strange af. Can’t even say Orlando is lying. Orlando has been proven true on a lot of the tea he has spilled over the years. As for Nick doing it dressed up as lady, there’s plenty of footage showing that he did it often in his Nickelodeon days even on interview when Aaliyah told him he was living and twirling 🤷🏾‍♂️.

  3. In the entertainment forest any and all things, anyone and everybody could be getting it in and getting it on.
    Orlando and the chick from Philly, Common’s ex are all pegged crazy. Good looks don’t translate to good sex, these ugly trade with bomb bodies and big old wankstas serve it up in bed. I personally believe him.

  4. Everybody in the industry cannot be gay! it’s just as un logical as every person being straight. It’s TOO much of a coincidence that every time Orlando wants to get his name out there, it’s always some New gay hookup with a celeb & honestly it’s part of the reason some straight men completely separate themselves from gay men & gay culture. As a gay man it’s pushing ME off rite now! so I can only IMAGINE how a straight man with CHILDREN must feel with some weirdo coming at them with outlandish accusations, and then messy people in their comments talkin about “I knew it” it’s enough for them to be like “Yo, keep me out that f*got shit” and honestly I wouldn’t be mad if Bow Wow or Nick got fed up and said that

  5. Beauty and sensuality are not necessarily kissing cousin’s. Guys who are overweight pull amazing looking men, just as the skinny ones do. Nick Cannon was all on Orlando’s balls, licking and sucking. The visual is making the pretty boys shudder.
    Men want comfort and are attracted to sensuality, good food and humor.
    Just cause you are thin with flat abs means not a damn thing in the who is attracted to who equation.
    There is a very obese African American male on Pornhub who is HIV positive, by his own admission. All his trade know this, but nevertheless they willingly give it up to him, so it’s stupid to think looks alone is the only factor for attractiveness.

  6. Orlando Brown has a history of drug and mental health problems. I don’t know why they keep interviewing him.

  7. Orlando isn’t lying.

    And he used to be VERY attractive before the drugs, so I can def see Nick giving him gawk.

    I’m sure Bow Wow is a allegedly a bottom and Omarion allegedly had to force himself to top Bow Wow, even though he wanted his cakes clapped. (Alleged Big D Bottoms gotta do what they have to do)

    Chris Brown is allegedly into dark skinned vers bottoms, (hence his contempt for dark skinned women. Think about it. Every colorist “str8” guy that gets exposed, it’s with who? Not often a lightskint gay or trans. Brown skin or darker) but that’s for another day.

    Think about who Chris Brown came for? Raz B. Who put Chris Stokes and Marques Houston on blast for what they did to B2k. Chhh, this industry is sick.

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