christian walker got out his car to put kehlani in her place at starbucks

it’s funny how things change.
i thought christian walker was the type you only see online.
he’s like bigfoot.
he only comes out of his cave to rant or get starbucks.
unless starbucks isn’t hanging an american flag

singing vixen,
saw bigfoot at starbucks and he wanted all the smoke.
she told the barista that he was an asshole and well…

okay so,
and i don’t care for him at all,
but kehlani was wrong in this instance.
she should have minded her business unless he was being belligerent.
he was wrong for getting out of the car and being confrontational.
let’s be real tho…

If she would have swung on him,
he would have used that to become a full-blown Karen to sue her.
He has more than enough “fans of his” that keep his battery charged.
Be careful with that one and those like that one.

i’m glad kehlani kept her cool.
the best way to deal with his type is to let him rant and rave.
he’ll tire himself out eventually and go back into his cave.

14 thoughts on “christian walker got out his car to put kehlani in her place at starbucks

  1. Kehlani was looking at him like, “You lucky I’m in a place of peace now… cause 6 months ago I wouldve whuped that ass”

  2. Miss thang just wants so badly to be relevant & have real talent. Very sad that she can’t just live her life & STFU. Unfortunately she reps a small percentage of repugnicans in the LGBTQIA community. What’s even sadder is that the repuglican party doesn’t even want them. Recently that party voted to not rep the Log Cabin repugs (what the gay repugs call themselves) the Texas repug party’s convention. That should be a HUGE wake up call to the LCRTQ gays.but alas, they won’t get the message.

  3. We are going to have the last laugh with this one right here, it is only a matter of time before the Universe knocks him right on his ass. It is coming sooner than later. Just wait and see.

  4. I hate to say this..but I’m gonna say it…I am tired of this lil Bish!!! Just give it some time.. Somebody gonna POP Miss Ladybug in her mouth…Miss Ladybug ain’t ran up on the right Queen that’s gonna molly wop that azz!!! Sus desperate for attention so bad… Somebody gonna give it ladybug😂😅🤣😆 I just can’t with Miss Ladybug 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. That is an affront to ladybugs everywhere LOL. How did ladybugs deserve to have CW nicknamed after them? They are so nice & pretty & don’t hurt anyone. They don’t deserve that rep at all. I think a better nickname would be a cricket since they make A LOT of noise & don’t do anything hahahahaha. Poor crickets too though! 😆

      1. Lol…I wanted to call that child something else….but I had to pull back 🤣😂🤣

      1. Cause he was in there ranting about the LGBT flag … I can’t believe you siding with him.

        1. Exactly, I’m surprised he’s saying Kehlani was wrong for speaking to the Baristas. He was complaining about the LGBT flag they had up thats why she said something.

      2. I saw a video where she explained that she goes to this Starbucks all the time.She said most of the employees are minorities, a lot of them are LGBTQ and she could hear him harassing them on the speaker.Service workers go through so much, being disrespected,verbally abused,physically assaulted,etc.So I have no problem with her warning them about that asshole.

        It’s like that tv show,”What would you do?” If you see a person being harassed,being disrespected,verbally abused sometimes you feel compelled to speak up.

        I wish he( and his idiot father) would go away.

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