bow wow responds about allegedly having that fire

is this the wrong time to ask

What makes someone have a bomb ass pu$$y?

is it a feeling?
how nasty you are in bed?

bow wow allegedly responded to orlando brown’s claims of his alleged bomb ass pussy…


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i mean,
how can a male celebrity really respond to those accusations?
if he went left,
he would be accused of being homophobic.
i think his answer was very smart and on-brand for him.

brag about what you’re doing,
seem above it all,
and highlight the drugs and the craziness.

i’m actually scared to see what kinds of dms he got.
some of ya’ll have no home training.

if you have bomb ass pu$$y,
you let other people who had a sample say it.
you should never say it.
you want your fire to be spread by someone(s) who got turned out.
it’s like when a wolf brags that he got bomb ass dick and it’s wack.
WE KNOW when a wolf has a bomb ass dick…

…cause he can abuse,
and cheat and never be single.

6 thoughts on “bow wow responds about allegedly having that fire

  1. It must be the media training, because that was a very measured response from Bow Wow. While Orlando seems “perma-fried” from his alleged drug use, some of the things he says could be true. Since Bow Wow came into the industry at such a young age, it’s sad to say that something untoward might’ve happened to him that has been swept under the rug. Maybe it’s not like B2K, but perhaps like Usher (when Diddy pretty much alluded to messing w/ young Usher).
    And after seeing how Bow Wow was “queening out” when he & Omarion worked together, I’m sure they’re all on the low & all get down w/ each other (or at least have some knowledge of what goes down & w/ whom).

  2. Baby
    Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Oprah, Steve, confirmed the disrespect, cheat and abuse line you wrote. It’s so true. If parent’s would say to their children that
    “Yes sex feels good.but you don’t need to do it because it comes with complications, maybe they’d look before leaping”.

  3. I would be living if somebody said this about me hahaha

    I’d be all “coy” and be like “I do keep it clean and my girl likes gripping to pull me in her deeper….wink wink”

  4. And that was the perfect answer!

    I’m sure thick Bow Wow does have some bomb ass bussy. I’d taste it and try it. I mean just to prove to the people whether it’s true or not of course.

  5. He answered it well. I had know Idea what he was doing and he used this to promote himself ( smile)

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