ricky martin was livin’ la vida loca in alleged incest and violent filth?

we all have secrets.
people we trust know our secrets as well.
why step on the toes of those that can destroy us?
ricky martin‘s manager said she had a career-ending allegation about him.
when the ( x domestic violence ) story first dropped,
i heard crazy alleged details about the victim involved.
i didn’t post because it was all still alleged and didn’t want it to be true.
the story went quiet so i assumed it was “handled“.
a vix-bi sent me what the shade room posted and…


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if this was about some 21-year-old groupie that was hungry for dick,
it was only seven months they were sexually active so he was still legal.
it would have shown that even with the husband,
and all the content showing this tight-knit gay family

…that there is always a story behind all the staged shit we see online.

This is an alleged sexual relationship involving a 21-year-old nephew of Ricky Martin,
which is incest.

this doesn’t help those who believe that gays do this tbh.
many people think gay males are sex-hungry perverts who molest/rape any and everyone.
this just put a battery in the backs of those pushing that narrative.
if these allegations are true…

What a disgusting way to end your career and legacy.

for ricky martin’s sake,
i hope this is will be proven as malicious slander.

18 thoughts on “ricky martin was livin’ la vida loca in alleged incest and violent filth?

  1. This story… a defamation lawsuit would be definitely countered in this situation. Good thing, the individual was not a minor. From all the details about this story, its a mess.

  2. I really hope that this isn’t true. Very damning and damaging!

    1. So do I! & in my country the uncle who outed Dennis would be in all kinds of trouble for revealing his name.

  3. Dennis Ricky Martin step nephew has a history of filing restraining orders and stalking women and men. Along with a record of mental illness and other pending cases. We look at the facts. At the evidence. Ricky is about to destroy his nephew in court there’s so much evidence against his step nephew it’s ridiculous

  4. The comments in this post, this is one of the cons of content creating. For everybody trying to come for Jamari about the “incest” word, it is not that serious. As bloggers, bloggers report that facts they were given. If the facts turn out that it was a different story, bloggers follow-up the story with the real information as more details about the story come out. So chill the fuck out.

    There is an unwritten law for most black people regardless of what region that you are from. When you have an “alleged” sexual relationship with any family member; that’s incest! If you want to be technical, yes incest is sleeping with blood. However, most of us don’t sleep with our closest best friend because they are like our brother/sister. Any family that is step-anything, especially if you know them; that’s incest! That taboo shit… that’s a lil too much.

    Obviously Jamari doing something right if he has been on TMZ multiple times, successful blog, and got all the haters posting on his shit. Got them all in their feelings.

    1. Yes
      Stepcousins and etcetera s are family and it constitutes incest. Ricky Martin is a creep and that dude is not crazy. The campaign to discredit is starting up. I don’t personally see anything sexy about Ricky Martin. I remember Menudo and American Becky’s fascination with the group. He was a tired queen then, not much has changed, in my opinion.🙀😖😋

  5. Dennis Sanchez and his mother, Vanessa Martin, have “mental health problems”, and it was confirmed by another of the singer’s brothers, Eric Martin who claims that his nephew is not psychologically stable. Dennis also has a history with restraining orders.

    I wish articles like this would state the real facts. One important one is that the accuser here is NOT a blood relative. He is the son of Martin’s step-sister. Clarify in these articles what that means under Puerto Rican law when it isn’t a blood relative, who doesn’t live in the same household, is over 21 and consented to a ‘relationship’, as unseemly as that appears. There is also some question as to the accusers past history of threats to others

  6. Keeping it real when it comes to having fame and fortune I do not put nothing past these celebrities and I mean nothing, while we all probably hope that this is not true, if the nephew has receipts it is going to be troubling to say the least. I think many people with so much money that they could ever spend become bored with the everyday and start getting into more depraved activities. This may just be nothing more than a money heist but the nephew may have entrapped him some kind of way because for this type of story to even come out due to the malicious nature of the allegations tell me it may be a little smoke to this story.

  7. Ricky’s attorney, I think his name is Marty Singer, released a statement saying the allegations are not true, that Ricky has never had a romantic or sexual relationship with his nephew and that the nephew has mental health issues.So like I said before these are just allegations, anybody can make allegations.It’s unfortunate whether it’s true or not these allegations will probably damage his brand.

    1. I can’t believe Jamari even post the fact that Ricky Martin’s nephew is not blood related time he is the son of Ricky Martin stepsister and not only that Dennis is known for filing restraining orders against his family and he also has mental issues and his Ricky Martin brother also confirmed that as well

  8. Something tell me this story have too many questions but not enough answers.

  9. DAMN!!!All my fantasies about Ricky were tame in comparison to the real thing. On the real, I hope this isn’t true.

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