ricky martin was beatin’ down an alleged side piece? (in more ways than one?)

if you’re like me,
you don’t believe 99% of what you see on social media.
you realize it’s moments or highlight reels,
but sometimes,
you can get fooled.
i JUST saw some pics of ricky martin and his husband,
jwan josef,
in a photo shoot about his happy marriage in apple news.
here i am thinking this is a couple in this gay life that “made it“.
i didn’t hear anything about ricky being unfaithful

…until yesteday,

per tmz...

Ricky Martin has been accused of domestic violence in Puerto Rico — although it appears the alleged victim may be someone other than his spouse … this per several reports.

Multiple Spanish outlets that operate in PR — including Telemundo — reported Saturday that a protective order is in the process of being filed and executed against the pop star in a municipality near San Juan … citing law enforcement officials who confirmed the complaint falls within their Law 54 statute, which deals with DV.

The reports state an anonymous person — who goes unnamed — recently appeared before a judge in their own right to seek the TRO without going to the police first and without Ricky being present … and the order was apparently granted based on the evidence presented.

the first thing i said was “not ricky martin?!

even though this is all alleged atm,
this is wild because of how clean-cut he always comes off.
i was shocked he wasn’t dragged ( x for admitting to being dl ).
remember how horny madonna was for him?

i wasn’t into ricky martin before.
my mother (God rest her soul) was a huge stan in lust.
i’ve become the same because he has gotten better looking with age.
he and his husband are a threesome wet dream:

it’s all interesting since his ex-manager is suing him.
per ny post:

Ricky Martin has been hit with a $3 million lawsuit from his ex-manager Rebecca Drucker.

Drucker — who worked with Martin from 2014 to 2018 and then again from 2020 to 2022 — is suing the Latin music icon, 50, for unpaid commissions, according to legal docs, filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Central District Court, that mention a “potentially career-ending allegation.”

Drucker noted that she worked with him on two separate occasions due to his “personal and professional life [being] in absolute turmoil” and allegedly helped the Puerto Rican singer navigate the world of “recording contracts, touring and sponsorship deals, and other professional endeavors.”

you are about to get exposed out here if this is true.
i don’t know why he isn’t trying to pay the manager who knows his secrets,
especially one that would end him,
his career,
his marriage,
and his legacy.
this alleged scandal might be the first warning shot.

let’s hope this is a misunderstanding.
by “misunderstanding“,
the type of scandal that will disappear by tomorrow.

article cc: tmz | ny post

9 thoughts on “ricky martin was beatin’ down an alleged side piece? (in more ways than one?)

  1. the way everything comes out at the end (i hope it’s not true but you never know with famous folks)

    1. I need to do a deep dive into Ricky’s musical career. Has he accomplished anything major or had a huge impact?? I’ve always loved me some Ricky but I know him mostly from the 90’s, internet fodder and his role in the Assassination of Gianni Versace.

      If there’s a sextape please leak!

  2. This
    Dude is overrated. All those teeth showing and millions of people bought into that tired, late ass
    la vida loca BS. I have sold zero records, yes, that’s true, however there is no accounting for taste for those who bought that record. I just do not see anything arousing about Mother Ricardo Martin.😖

  3. Who says that Ricky Martin was cheating on his husband with a side piece? As you know, many gay men in relationships and marriages spice things up by having threesomes and shared sidepieces. Ricky Martin can afford it. Per online he has a net worth of $130 million.

  4. If she was to put his business out being his ex manager, that will ruin her chances ever being a manager because all managers know celebrities “career ending” everything. It is their job to fix it. Period. So that’s why he is not worried about that. As far as personal, everybody has relationship problems, why would he be any different? So what he likes to fuck sexy guys, what gay man doesn’t. If she so called helped Ricky from 2018-2020, she must’ve been bad at it because ain’t nobody heard from Ricky doing anything in the time she was working with him. As his manager, she supposed to negotiate her fees with everything she finds him to do. What manager doesn’t get paid before their client gets a gig. That’s the whole part of being a manager. Make sure when he gets paid that you get paid too. You bringing him the check. All this seems “shaky”. The restraining order is definitely real tho. That’s his personal business. That’s a PR job to fix that. Manager does his appearances and gigs, two different jobs unless your PR is your Manager which means they get paid for both. All managers who work with celebrity clients are bound by their NDA regardless what happens. Even if he didn’t pay, they can sue them for leaking the information. Now what she can do is leak his information by letting prying ears and eyes get the information. I mean why beat the man down even further if you his manager and will work with him once he pay you. That’s a shady ass manager if you ask me.

      1. This
        Was one overrated Colgate smile, pasty personality gay man. I never bought into his illusion, and still don’t.

      2. Maybe the manager did, but if ricky is in breach of contract by not paying them would an NDA still be valid?

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