the white gays don’t gaf about brittney griner?

first and foremost…
i want to font that basketball baller vixen,
britteny griner,
is responsible for her doom atm.

why she bought weed in russia is beyond me atm.
( x see more here )
not only that,
that country is not gay-friendly at all.
with all those things,
i feel like common sense should have been a factor.
americans love not playing by other countries’ rules and i don’t know why.
i saw this tweet on twitter asking us to put our feet in her sneakers:

…and i totally get that part too.
i saw this response:

i keep fonting this opinion as a black gay male…

A majority of white gays don’t GAF about you besides having sex with you.

They don’t care about black gay issues or using their privilege to help us.

Most of them care when it comes to your BBC or how hypnotized they get when you throw it back.

A majority of white gays can be very selfish and only about saving their own.

so the straight white wolves and vixens will try their best to help britteny.
the straight white wolves in power can do more atm.

i’m hoping she gets released soon.

lowkey: this was interesting to me…


Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “the white gays don’t gaf about brittney griner?”

      1. I lived in San Francisco and was carded ALL THE TIME at a dive on Castro called The Phoenix. I was then in my early 20s, but clearly looked older than 18. Inside this bar, my experience was that black men were there strictly for BBC fantasy purpose. I recall being on the dance floor and Cotton Complexion Patties grabbing at my penis, unwanted, unsolicited groping.
        I love growing up in the City, but it is a place for white gays; snow queens, rice queens and dinge queens.
        On the subject of caring about rights or privileges for African American gay men, beyond the sexual element, HELL NAH! It is all about Brad, Tom, Rick and Rusty.

  1. First of all, why is the WNBA quiet about this, when Sha’carri Richardson was involved, everybody got involved. America talked to other countries about athletes competing and all the rules. Brittney did not break any rule while being an athlete. She broke a rule as a person. The only reason she is being held IS because of the Virtual War. Its not our war but since we had to get involved, this is their response to it. The WNBA plays against Russia in the olympics just like the NBA. The league itself can put sanctions on Not competing by holding one of their athletes hostage as a Prisoner of War when its not even our war. Biden can get involved but he going senile. He don’t even know how to stand on his own two feet literally. One good fall, and Kamala President. Kamala as VP can do something to get Brittney home especially seeing how she is the second most powerful woman under the Queen. People not getting involved because there is money involved. WNBA hasn’t even spoken to Brittney’s family! Its like because she is a black gay woman, nobody wants to help her.

    I’m with you on why would you visit Russia of all places, why would you buy weed in Russia, why would you bring it through a Russian airport at that! Reality smacked her dead in the face quick. Everybody has heard Russia is a No LGBTQ+ Zone. They kill their own and put it on the news, what you think they are going to do with an American?

    1. China is different from Russia, and Grampa is allegedly on the case. But Putin is in a war with Ukraine, which is a proxy war with the US and NATO (as well as the European Union), so it’s much more complicated.

  2. Yea they def don’t care unless you’re fucking them

    That’s why white gays support a very narrow spectrum either snow queens or Beyoncé Rihanna and Nicki

    But they’ll call u ghetto if you’re not putting on a show extremely entitled and think they’re Gods gift and if they like you you must like them back bc of what they’re used to Black men doing on the apps. They think everyday Black people are boarish and wild hence touching our hair and skin non consensually. that’s representative of their ideologies of black people as a whole .

    So she as a more masculine lesbian woman won’t get support lol. But gays in general don’t really support lesbian issues in the first place . The current issues tend to lean more toward wearing crop tops and painting nails.

    That’s why I don’t support us letting them into our spaces because we aren’t welcomed in theirs without micro aggressions and being told “you know who you remind me of??? (Insert random black person)”

  3. Being gay doesn’t absolve you from being racist. We say we don’t need a white savior yet y’all are literally asking for one here, please make it make sense! Britney got herself into some mess that she gonna have to pray her way out of. The whole thing was a dumbass idea to me. You really needed weed that bad? Sounds like a personal issue to me. As a black gay man, idgaf about this so I can’t fault a white gay for not caring either. Americans have no power in Russia just ask Ronald Reagan and the 80’s.

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