tyler lepley penis so good that he has both of his baby mamas fighting on ig

things end up working out because you are the one.
most males be with someone for years,
but here you come along and he is turnt out on you.
that is what i feel about “sexy drake”,
tyler lepley,
and his latest girlfriend/baby mama,
miracle watts.
miracle was enough for him to leave his first baby mama of years,
april king

…with two kids under 5 for miracle.
i think miracle was really “his type” and she went after that penis HARD.
miracle and april king had their first spat as “baby mamas” on ig…

rule 1: never argue with the ex because your karma could be next.
take it from a fox who hung/hangs with straight males

The same way he dropped April for you,
that doesn’t mean you won’t suffer the same fate.

you should have gotten that ring outta him before getting pregnant.
don’t confuse that “bomb ass penis” for his loyalty.
i have many wolves who will drop you for that “new”.

There are vixens (and gays) out here already plotting on that penis mama.

i know you see what he looks like:

he probably takes a shit sexy.
ima need you to relax.
that big butt won’t protect you from heartbreak.

lowkey: as a male,
seeing two people arguing over you adds another inch to your penis.
stay woke.

17 thoughts on “tyler lepley penis so good that he has both of his baby mamas fighting on ig

  1. When is Tyler gonna get a leak? I need to see what he’s working with.

  2. Ciara is embracing all of baby Future’s siblings, however she isn’t a Stepmom to them since she and Future didn’t marry. Cardi B doesn’t have children with Future, she is Stepmom to Offsets children.

  3. When he did all that unnecessary bullshit with miracle in public I knew it was for clout he’s using her to make the baby mama mad she’s a classic fake body video girl and less traditional than his ex and he’s a narcissist

    He will cheat on miracle too and probaby leave shortly after the baby

  4. I don’t think Odell Beckham Jr is gay. I think he’s comfortable in his skin and his masculinity.

    This man however vehemently denies gay rumors, so….these women fighting over him…. has me rolling my eyes.

  5. First the internet is arguing over a man not feeding somebody else kid’s McDonald’s and making sure his is fed. To a woman getting mad another woman is claiming her kids with hers. This is why some men are gay because that just doesn’t make sense. No matter what, a man can’t do anything right because she has to always be right. He a no good ass nigga for feeding his kid but not feeding 3 other no good dude’s kids? None of the four are with you but he wrong for feeding just his kid? April mad because Miracle claimed all the kids… I don’t get it!

    1. She
      Could have stated that she is Stepmom to her husband’s other children. She was flogging. I am wondering when some DL or transgender messy person is going to come with receipts.
      You lose em how you get em someone wrote up top. This storyline will not end well for Miracle and Tyler, I predict.

      1. I am with you on that. As far as the step mom, everybody knows she is the stepmom why say that. The fact she acknowledged them period. Its a lot of women who don’t. Cardi does the say with Future kids, she calls them her kids too. She don’t treat them any different. I can see why April said something because she only seen them once. Cardi sees the other kids all the time. Miracle claiming them and it’s probably the first April has heard that. Fighting online is not going to change anything.

  6. Tyler Lepley is king of the light-skins. That man is fine from head to toe and exudes not but pure unadulterated masculinity! Sign me up! 😈 I’m surprised April got him. She seems very basic betty-ish. I’m gonna see if her IG gives a sneak peek as to what she looked like before the kids 👀

      1. She just turned 40. She’s a talent agent for a pretty big firm. She’s mixed – basic but pretty and natural. Maybe he got her because he’s an opportunist.. that’s what it’s giving so far.

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