method man offers an apology to beyonce, kelly, and michelle

method man is a full zaddy zick these days.
he is 50 and still giving us fantasy.


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so one of my best friends said to me recently:

“There are people who are embarrassed to speak to you again.
They are embarrassed by what they did to you so they CAN’T speak to you.”

the crazy part is depending on who you are and how you come at me,
i’m always down for a conversation.
you’ll be surprised how people treat others when they hate themselves.
people can be real demons when they are fighting battles within.
it’s shocking that method man hated himself and had low self-esteem.
from what i remember,
he was always so charismatic and comfortable in his own skin.
he told a story about how he treated destiny’s child in the past.
he took that same moment to apologize for his behavior…

i’m so impressed with this.

this is what i like to think healing is.
someone takes accountability and can apologize for past bad behavior.


there are people who have probably treated you terribly in the past.
it could be your ex or even a friend.
i know some folks were nasty to me and have apologized years later.
it seems like a lot of people from the past are coming back.
a friend who did the pretty vixen wrong came back after 7 years.

“I don’t know if you are gonna respond,
and I understand if you don’t,
but I wanted to apologize for what I did to you in the past.
I was very scared to send this message…”

true story.
we don’t know what battles they were dealing with before.
and as we know:

Males who don’t like they are attracted to other males are always the nastiest.

don’t take it personally.
pray for them and move forward with your life.
you may end up getting a random apology years later.

it’s up to you if you accept it or not.
don’t let your trauma mess up a blessing.
this is the whole segment for those who are interested.
he gets into more detail as to why he was the way he was back then:

12 thoughts on “method man offers an apology to beyonce, kelly, and michelle

  1. I absolutely love it and I’m here for it. Method can I rest on your face?

    Y’all already said everything else so that’s my comment lol

  2. this was really emotionally mature of him and also a very attractive thing. I’ve noticed that he’s continued to grow in his attractiveness and also his awareness in a lot of situations a lot of people could benefit from reaching out and growing even if they are embarrassed or don’t get the reception that they wanted.

  3. And yes, Meth is def giving husband material. I hate the Power spinoff he’s in w Tariq becoming a damn kingpin (when he spent his life at boarding school being rich, and now has 17 duties, but I won’t hold yall…) but I might go back n watch season 2 just for him.

  4. I’ll accept the apology, but it damn sure doesn’t mean we are going to be cool again. I had a “friend” who did me dirty years ago reach back out to me to apologize. He was a bad alcoholic in those days, and I tolerated the behavior to a degree. But when he stepped over the line and then looked me dead in my eyes afterwards, and told me he always couldn’t stand me…I was D.O.N.E.
    He became “saved” some time ago. I said congrats, apology accepted, but the door is closed. I don’t go backwards.
    He tried to reconcile twice after that initial conversation, even bringing mutual acquaintances into it, but I let him/them know that I no longer wanted/needed him in my life.

    1. You’re allowed those feelings. Just remember that it is possible for ppl to change. We, as HUMANS, who are affected by our feelings, sometimes have a short leash for others. We have to allow others to fall and pick themselves back up sometimes. It’s ok to wash your hands of certain relationships, I just think we are sooo quick to go on the defensive, (protective) and cut ppl off. Some of us have to start being ok w being the ‘bigger’ person, in relationships. Forgiveness is for you. Just remember that brother.

  5. Well shit, if they forgot about it, I’m sure they definitely remember the moment and accept his apology. They are all for positive moments

  6. This is growth. This is what 50 should look like. Mature. Fine. Articulate. Wiser. Accountable. If it ain’t giving all if that, send it the fuck back!

  7. I can respect Him for speaking his truth with his handsome, articulate self. I want a Method Man, that’s hubby material.

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