beyonce needs to cut it out and do it for the culture

my childhood.
le sigh.
^this is the only thing i ask for from beyonce.
the only thing.
well one was to have miss tina to stop making their costumes.
that was fulfilled.
the other is


coming together in the name of “90s nostalgia”.
well it started with letoya luckett last week:

…and then this happened last night…

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The Dragon Leaks All Over Her Spread… (VC: 16)

all the photos from gq have leaked.
i think.
she does come with surprises

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I Want To Be The Beyonce Of Your Multi-Platinum Nut Bustin’ Satisfaction

practice makes perfect.
i always imagined that beyonce practiced every day before she became “beyonce”.
i still think she practices to be the greatest.
i read that her father would wake them (destiny’s child) at like 5 in the morning to practice.
to the point he would have them jogging in heels while singing.

beyonce takes her craft seriously,
which is why she is a mega star.
i always wondered why kelly wasn’t so great?
even letoya?
hell, the no named red-head?

not all of us are “beyonce“.
there are a ton of “kellys“,
the other two,
and that one vixen that was kicked out for smiling wrong.

that being said,
you always want to be the best.
even to be great at something,
you need to practice and create your own style.
you don’t want people to say:

“oh yeah he reminds me of…”

you need your own greatness.
but, does the same apply to relationships?
even, sex?
the amount of times we fuck/suck a hard dick (or cakes),
does it make us a master of a good fuck?
are you memorable?
do you put on a good performance?
do they cry because it is so good?
do people get sad when you leave the stage aka the bed?
i had to ask…

Is your sex game multi-platinum and legendary?

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