I Want To Be The Beyonce Of Your Multi-Platinum Nut Bustin’ Satisfaction

practice makes perfect.
i always imagined that beyonce practiced every day before she became “beyonce”.
i still think she practices to be the greatest.
i read that her father would wake them (destiny’s child) at like 5 in the morning to practice.
to the point he would have them jogging in heels while singing.

beyonce takes her craft seriously,
which is why she is a mega star.
i always wondered why kelly wasn’t so great?
even letoya?
hell, the no named red-head?

not all of us are “beyonce“.
there are a ton of “kellys“,
the other two,
and that one vixen that was kicked out for smiling wrong.

that being said,
you always want to be the best.
even to be great at something,
you need to practice and create your own style.
you don’t want people to say:

“oh yeah he reminds me of…”

you need your own greatness.
but, does the same apply to relationships?
even, sex?
the amount of times we fuck/suck a hard dick (or cakes),
does it make us a master of a good fuck?
are you memorable?
do you put on a good performance?
do they cry because it is so good?
do people get sad when you leave the stage aka the bed?
i had to ask…

Is your sex game multi-platinum and legendary?

there are people we meet who stick their dicks inside us and it takes us to another dimension.
then, there are others who don’t know what the hell they are doing.
they are so awkward and sticking in circles.
i notice that really good-looking wolves are terrible in bed.
they never had to be.
why work hard when they think you probably would cream off how they look?

there is no effort put into anything sadly.

i was talking to a foxy associate of mine.
he was telling me how he loves dealing with d.l wolves.
it’s not because he has a certain preference,
but because he has done his best practice on d.l wolves.
he proceeded to tell me how a d.l wolf is a novice.
wolves already in the lifestyle are already pretty much fucked out.
with a d.l wolf,
it is like an UN-conquered territory
(until the wolf becomes really familiar with too many butt cheeks and throats)
when you meet him,
you can do whatever you want because he is a blank canvas until he gets dirty.

so he met a wolf recently and he was giving him a mean throat session.
he wanted to practice giving good throat so he was basically sucking the skin off this wolf’s dick.
needless to say, the wolf was in head heaven.
he never got head like that from a vixen before.
one that lasted a good day of various techniques.
the fox then asked the wolf to try something new and freaky.
since he was already open,
(because once you get a wolf open, he is pretty much down for whatever)
he didn’t care.
he threw the wolf’s legs in the air and started to lick those cakes.
the wolf got so turned out to the point he is texting him constantly….

yo can we do that thing you did to me last time?

that makes you feel like you got the key to being “the pipe master” once that starts happening.
he knows the wolf isn’t his man,
or ever will be,
but why waste all that meat on a couple smash sessions?

so does a lot of practice help us become better?
and, how do we find the best canvas to practice on?
i like mine sexy as hell honestly.
sexy with a little low self-esteem is always the best.
they are more open to whatever plus they work harder and get more into it.
these new aged attention starved men are already gassed.

i started to wonder if these people we meet that are terrible in bed,
is it because they just never had enough practice?
should we not hold too much judgement?
they could be virgins?
or, they just may not have had a lot of partners?
should we work with them until they become the greatest we ever had?
and, does that only leave us open to being a blank canvas ourselves?

when it comes to how good someone (or even ourselves) in that stage called “The Bedroom”…

Is it all in your experience?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “I Want To Be The Beyonce Of Your Multi-Platinum Nut Bustin’ Satisfaction”

  1. You know tops get a bad wrap for having the ability to fuck anything that moves, but I think that’s guys in general. I’ve noticed bisexual and gay men need little to no mental stimulation to fuck.

    They’re just like “I’m horny. You’re here and you’re remotely attractive to me (probably because I’m horny). Let’s fuck!”

    That whole scenario always gives me the impression if it wasn’t me, it would’ve been any other Chris or Brandon that was readily available.

    There’s nothing more arousing than knowing the person you’re smashing only wanted you.

    Maybe that whole scenario of how gay guys like turning out straight wolves is why they are always looking for the next best thing. They kind of opened the flood gates and now they have to find someone who can top the last. I don’t see the fun in it knowing they’ll eventually tire of you.

    1. ^good comment JAY.

      i hate to say this,
      but this is why I kinda like a shy discreet or d.l guy who isn’t all over town fucking everyone.
      he is still new to the lifestyle and verrrryyyyy amateur.

      for whatever reason though,
      i attract the curious insecure d.l because he thinks im some
      experienced freak.
      the shit that pisses me off is he never gets the balls to approach me.
      i intimidate him,
      which leaves us playing a very boring game of cat and mouse.

      1. Hmmm. Just because a guy may be shy doesn’t always mean he’s not out there. That’s the undercover hoe for ya. LOL

  2. I think my sexing it great more-so because its never a causal encounter. It is always with the dude I’m with. We tend to have passion or i’m not doing it because its a waste if their isn’t a connection. In many ways being connected with them makes them come back because they had a afternoon, evening, or night to remember and they want it again.

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