The Dragon Leaks All Over Her Spread… (VC: 16)

all the photos from gq have leaked.
i think.
she does come with surprises

the dragon has risen.
all other female singers report to your cells for the next year.
in other beyonce news,
destiny’s child is also coming out with an album on the 29th of this month.
everyone meet “destiny’s child: love songs“…

it isn’t exactly a new album.
it is all the “love songs” sung by destiny’s child between 98 and 2004.
they also will première a new song called “nuclear“,
which is produced by the neptunes.
track list includes:

1. ‘Cater 2 U’ (Destiny Fulfilled)

2. ‘Killing Time’ (Destiny’s Child)

3. ‘Second Nature’ (Destiny’s Child)

4. ‘Heaven’ (Simply Deep)

5. ‘Now That She’s Gone’ (The Writing’s On The Wall)

6. ‘Brown Eyes’ (Survivor)

7. ‘If ‘(Destiny Fulfilled)

8. ‘Emotion’ (Survivor)

9. ‘If You Leave (featuring Next)’ (The Writing’s On The Wall)

10. ‘TShirt’ (Destiny Fulfilled)

11. ‘Temptation’ (The Writing’s On The Wall)

12. ‘Say My Name’ (Timbaland remix) ( This Is The Remix)

13. ‘Love’ (Destiny Fulfilled)

14. ‘Nuclear’ (Love Songs)

i see they gave kelly a solo.
why not michelle?
i’ll also ask:
why didn’t they put the ex chicks on the cover too?

i don’t recall michelle singing on writings on the wall and the first dc album.
you can pre-order the album early on amazon for 10 bucks!

click here.

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  1. Beyonce’s work ethic gives me the hugest boner.

    Now if only I could find a man who could match my own.


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