method man offers an apology to beyonce, kelly, and michelle

method man is a full zaddy zick these days.
he is 50 and still giving us fantasy.


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so one of my best friends said to me recently:

“There are people who are embarrassed to speak to you again.
They are embarrassed by what they did to you so they CAN’T speak to you.”

the crazy part is depending on who you are and how you come at me,
i’m always down for a conversation.
you’ll be surprised how people treat others when they hate themselves.
people can be real demons when they are fighting battles within.
it’s shocking that method man hated himself and had low self-esteem.
from what i remember,
he was always so charismatic and comfortable in his own skin.
he told a story about how he treated destiny’s child in the past.
he took that same moment to apologize for his behavior…

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we'rebookedbaybayi finally watched both r&b: divas la reunion parts.
its been a tough two weeks.
i don’t wanna hear it nah about my lateness!
well these were my quick thoughts about the show…
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thefinaleyalli finally got around to watching r&b divas: la season finale ya’ll.
i know i’m late.
shut up.
so it was the divalogues with #team4.
it covered:

chante – battling love
lil mo – battling herself
claudette – battling low self worth
michel’le – battling suicide

1292223254212-dumpfm-mario-Obamaclapthe ladies did amazing and a good end to the season.
didnt this season go by kinda quick tho?
where was kelly and dawn?

x watch episode here for those who were running on cpt like me

that was my my type of crowd.
there was some fine wolves in that sea of classiness too.
there was one wearing a pink sweater,
with two white stripes on the sleeve.
and tan pants.
see me after the show papa!
oh if you want to see kelly and dawn’s production:

x watch the flop here

IS KELLY PRICE CRAZY?!?!!?!?!?! Serious Question.

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 6.50.39 PMshe was up in fred’s face,
acting belligerent,
and for what tho????
when she pulled those timbz out that fuckin bag tho!!!!
i woulda had to let her know that stool i’m sitting on isn’t too heavy to go upside her head.
fred is nice because i would have let her dodge caravan shaped ass have it.
have it all!!!!
then she gonna say she doesn’t feel comfortable with fred.
well bitch i don’t feel comfortable with that fat queen you bringing in here.
miss with that bullshit kelly.
i would never have thought she was like this.
did anyone watch this episode????

x click here if you haven’t seen it.

lowkey: everyone else has made me go check out their music again.
i already had all of mo’s stuff,
dawn (lucy pearl and en vogue),
and claudette (city high).
chante moore being the biggest since i never listened to her before.
yeah… everyone except kelly price.
you can’t sit at the foxhole table with that attitude mama.

where to listen to their music: spotify

R&B Divas LA: I Can’t!!!


did anyone see r&b divas la this week?
i just caught up,
but i have one question:
did kelly price lose her mind?
i’m actually really disgusted how she handled that situation.
the way how she was speaking to him…
extremely unprofessional.
then her choice of director for the play…
obviously she wanted some bootleg bullshit.
i can’t.

x watch episode if you missed it


so check it.
keyshia cole wants attention.

she has become a straight up bully.
she was sitting on her couch tonight and realized she needed to address michelle….
is this going to be a weekly thing keyshia?????

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