IS KELLY PRICE CRAZY?!?!!?!?!?! Serious Question.

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 6.50.39 PMshe was up in fred’s face,
acting belligerent,
and for what tho????
when she pulled those timbz out that fuckin bag tho!!!!
i woulda had to let her know that stool i’m sitting on isn’t too heavy to go upside her head.
fred is nice because i would have let her dodge caravan shaped ass have it.
have it all!!!!
then she gonna say she doesn’t feel comfortable with fred.
well bitch i don’t feel comfortable with that fat queen you bringing in here.
miss with that bullshit kelly.
i would never have thought she was like this.
did anyone watch this episode????

x click here if you haven’t seen it.

lowkey: everyone else has made me go check out their music again.
i already had all of mo’s stuff,
dawn (lucy pearl and en vogue),
and claudette (city high).
chante moore being the biggest since i never listened to her before.
yeah… everyone except kelly price.
you can’t sit at the foxhole table with that attitude mama.

where to listen to their music: spotify

16 thoughts on “IS KELLY PRICE CRAZY?!?!!?!?!?! Serious Question.

  1. Now people are getting to know Kelly Price for who she really is. She has been banned from my church in DC by the bishop because of he craziness and abrupt attitude that she displayed the day she sang before the congregation. She is a church wanna be holy than thow and that’s why she is going to have more rough time in her life. I can’t stomach to even watch her anymore and for what little career she HAD why I’d she in the category as a Diva anyway.

  2. I just watched Kelly” kilt it “on Sunday Best .I decided last week not to watch the reality show after reading about Kelly’s behavior.Being Bobby Brown destroyed my image of Whitney so I will remain ignorant about KP and focus on the voice.

  3. there was hardly any claudette this episode.
    i didnt like that.
    i was rockin with solo claudette since this track here:

    2009 flow.
    waited for the video and everything.
    nada but this is my all time favorite:

  4. ^^^^ its not editing TEE MONEY it was all KELLY she was even difficult with the producers… thats some BTS scoop

    1. I never heard about her having issues with the producers. Her being portrayed as pycho after 20 years of people living to work with her doesn’t ring true in my ears.

      If it was Dawn, then I’d tend to believe it more quickly.

      BTW, of she has issues with the producers, then that actually lends credence to my point. I’m not a reality show connoisseur tho, so I may be wrong.

      What is BTS scoop?

  5. Editing is making her look like the Antichrist. Something tells me that the reunion show is gonna straighten a lot of stuff out.

  6. I was shocked at Kelly’s behavior as well. Perhaps that part of the show was scripted just to increase viewership. I hope so because I always admired Kelly Price and thought she was a humble person.

  7. Yea, she’s is crazy. It was just not that serious.

    I like Fred. He is so nice and calm about everything. He’s fine too. Yep!

  8. Fred was tooo smooth with that shit. Kelly was doing the absolute most. And that dude she brought in is annoying. I wanted to smack him. He just tried to take over completely like Fred wasn’t even sitting there.

    I looove Chante Moore and her antics though lol. She was so cool, calm and collective with Kelly’s trifflin’ ass. Vaseline, timbs and straight edge as props? Who she trynna scare?

    1. ^right!!!!!!!
      ain’t no one scared of you kelly p!
      your fat ass can barely walk up the damn stairs.
      the dude she wanted to help direct looks like he didn’t even know wtf he was doing.
      he was trying to appear like he did.
      i’m glad chante and mo was lookin at him crazy.

    2. He was the same dude that asked Lil’ Mo and them to sing at the last minute so of course he didn’t know what he was doing.
      Fred seemed to be going in the right direction. I didn’t know Kelly was that big of a bitch. All “It’s my idea so I’ll do what I want.” Not fair at all. Everybody else was comfortable with him and she didn’t even give him a chance. Bitching @ him the moment she stepped in the damn door.

      also how is her body colossal but she’s got the skinniest face?

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