Trail of The Fox: Pinterest

pinterest_logo_redcan i just tell ya’ll how addicted i am to pinterest?
sheeeeeesh well you gon’ learn today.
i use to think it was a knock off of tumblr,
but i discovered it’s more than that…

“so how did you get into this pinterest jamari?”

1375523039799“i dunno.”
seriously tho i think someone mentioned it to me,
but i was like “ehh!”.
i decided to check it out after doing some research and i liked the premise.
as much as i love tumblr,
this seems more sophisticated brother of the two.
they have strict rules so you can’t be all the way ratchet on there.
take it to tumblr.

Poutthe idea of pinterest,
or pinning,
is basically creating various boards and putting your interests in them.
whether it is music,
  inspirational quotes,
or even a vision board (wait is that an idea????).
i currently have seven boards which i’m sure will expand as i get into it.
i must say my favorite board i created was “fox swagg”,
which deals entirely of male fashion stuff and things i’d personally wear.
i get a ton of fashion emails so you all should check out my lovely board for inspiration.
i just repinned how to properly iron a dress shirt and roll up the sleeves.
i’m all about this today lol.
check out my pinterest by clicking this big ass fat logo here:

Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 4.23.49 PM…and if you have one,
please don’t hesitate to follow me!
i’d love to repin some stuff from your end as well.

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5 thoughts on “Trail of The Fox: Pinterest”

  1. I have been addicted to this ever since my sister told me about it. It comes in handy a LOT.

    1. ^True that. The DIY and Fitness & Health sections are my faves. Soo much stuff to try.

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