The Tail That Was Followed For Miles

PostcardImageMelonsyou ever saw a tail you had to follow for a few blocks?
well me neither,
but those who do will appreciate the following video.
thank the wolf-bi who sent in this ispy…
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For Someone Who Is NOT Gay…

…you sure do that “please follow” free promo to all the gay and lowkey d/l on instagram.

largeall the dudes this one attention whore on instagram tells you to follow,
i know thru various confirms are d/l dudes.
ive been observing this with other attention whores on instagram as well.
what is with this “please follow my bro” thing anyway?
its always some random ass dude.
how did they even get in contact to get a shout out?
i’m confused.
sometimes i think they’re low key gettin’ it in with these dudes.
 at least maybe even interested.
you never see these wolves telling you to follow some vixen.
shit don’t even be shocked.
this is 2014.

The Purple One Now Has Twitter!

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 9.11.28 AMthe purple one has come to fuck shit up.
i followed him as soon as i got ( x confirm ) it was really him.
i wasn’t about to follow some rabid stan who was gonna get sued.
you know prince doesn’t play that shit.
why “doe” did people tweet him they would die if he tweeted them
and he tweeted them back, “there. rip.”?
i love him.

x follow prince here

lowkey: i wonder what made him join?
i know he was anti internet for the longest.
he won’t even let ( x his videos ) be played on youtube.
i also wonder if he gonna go dm to dm since he’s a jehovah’s witness?

Trail of The Fox: Pinterest

pinterest_logo_redcan i just tell ya’ll how addicted i am to pinterest?
sheeeeeesh well you gon’ learn today.
i use to think it was a knock off of tumblr,
but i discovered it’s more than that…

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