For Someone Who Is NOT Gay…

…you sure do that “please follow” free promo to all the gay and lowkey d/l on instagram.

largeall the dudes this one attention whore on instagram tells you to follow,
i know thru various confirms are d/l dudes.
ive been observing this with other attention whores on instagram as well.
what is with this “please follow my bro” thing anyway?
its always some random ass dude.
how did they even get in contact to get a shout out?
i’m confused.
sometimes i think they’re low key gettin’ it in with these dudes.
 at least maybe even interested.
you never see these wolves telling you to follow some vixen.
shit don’t even be shocked.
this is 2014.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “For Someone Who Is NOT Gay…”

    1. ^but this one will stress profusely he is not gay,
      will call out his gay followers,
      and will put “i’m straight” in his intro tag.
      really tho?
      this is now we doing it?

  1. why do you care you are such a negative person or at least it comes across that way on this site I dont see why you dont pay more attention to your own life and right your wrongs before sweeping under someone’s doorstep. You are like the lonely fat girl with no man always giving out relationship advice to her hot friends who actually have men.

    1. Why do you keep visiting this site if you don’t like him?Is Jamari like Regina George to you because you sure act like it.It’s a blog bitch, what the hell is he supposed to post about?If it interest him then he’ll post about it.If you don’t like what he post, visit another blog.There’s thousands of them.

      I don’t even know why I’m responding, go to sleep Peanut.

    2. Why the hell do you feel the need to bring your no life having negative ass on a blog that you just cant stand. So tired of hating ass miserable queens in 2014, get a damn hobby, take your ass to the gym or even to bible study so the healing angels can touch you and deliver that evil hateful spirit from your ass. Foxhole lift this miserable being up in prayer. Amen.

  2. I notice that too….especially with athletes, I do think some are genuinely trying to get they homeboy followers up. Odell Beckham, a guy you featured, always advertising Fine dudes for his followers to follow. Its this one light skinned mixed dude that plays for the team that was in a lot of his earlier pictures. Look like some college crush shit, same with his boy Landry in all of his pictures together with him.

  3. I want to know jamari I think he follows me, email me the name if u don’t want to out the Homophobic DL attention whore lol

  4. And the little minions come for me I didnt send for you, you must live for him or something defending this bullshit what Im saying been saying its too much positive shit in the world for “bloggers” not writers to always talk about something negative or bring attention to someone’s downfall or shortcomings I think they are the real unhappy people in life and need attention via a blog because nobody will give you it in real life. If you had balls you would say who you really are

    1. You just wanna know who he is so you’ll have ammo the next time you anonymously(obviously) debate him on twitter Peanut.

      Jamari needs attention?Says the person that visits his blog every week to post negative comments hoping to get Jamari riled up.You make no sense.Sort of like that woman on twitter a few weeks ago who argued back and forth with Jamari about Peanut.I think her name was Peanut too… lol

      You’re such an oxyMORON.

      You better lock your personal shit down Jamari because this desperate nigga is most likely looking far and wide for your identity.You hurt his wittle feelings.Plus you know how Nutpea works.Look at what he did to his alleged boyfriend.

      1. At first I was just guessing but then he made himself known by his latest comments.They were VERY contradicting, like his debate with you on twitter under the guise of some random female fan of his.Yeah right, like he actually has fans.He’s nothing but a butt hurt queen trying to get under your skin.He wants to find out something about you so he can throw it in your face and go “HAH!” because he knows he already screwed up his own public image.That comes with the territory Peanut.You exposed Kerry but you also exposed yourself.I hope it was worth it.All you got was a few hoes at Baller Alert using you for your 15 seconds.

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