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one week completed…

i am so tired tho…
i can say that i deep like my job.
its really laid back and the people i work with are really nice.
mr. green stopped by my desk because he will be traveling next week.
as we were talking,
i told him that i’m pretty low on money right now.
i don’t know how ima get train fare or even buy food.
he offered to give me money,
but i did the typical “no no its okay” thing.
it feels weird taking money from my boss.
even though i know i would pay him back when i got paid.

it was one of the mailroom guy’s birthday today.
he was having a get together at some lounge after work.
he invited me,
but i declined as i ate some cake.
one i don’t have any money.
two it’s cold as hell.
like, get me the fuck home NOW cold.
i like my coworkers thus far,
but i don’t want to overstep just yet.
i still want to get a lay of the land before we do “outings”.
i know the mail room wolf i low-key like was going.
he’s so cute.
his arms are crazy.
he likes showin them thangs off too.

24799_originali followed ya’ll’s advice and just keeping it low key.
plus i liked what jay said about why men like rihanna.
they chase her.
she is indifferent to them.
once she starts chasing,
they will probably run.
so when do you allow yourself to be caught?

other than that i’m beyond satisfied and extremely grateful.
two weeks ago i was damn near depressed and suicidal.
  did i mention i was tired as hell?

Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “TGIF”

    1. ^yes!
      i love to work and especially around good people!
      this wolf…
      he is so shy around me.
      i like how whenever i walk in the room,
      he stops what he is doing to greet me.
      makes me feel all warm inside lol

      1. You probably make him nervous too. You must be fine with a good personality if you have that much of an affect on him.

      2. whatever it is,
        i’m trying to keep myself from jumpin on him if he ever revealed himself.
        i havent had any in a while.
        it would be a challenge to resist alla that.

  1. But Jamari, you waited and waited and now you have a good job.Maybe this is a double blessing in disguise and that wolf was sent their for you.What if the job is your blessing and you were actually sent there as a blessing for that wolf.It’s like killing two birds with one stone.It’s also funny because he probably can’t wait to jump your bones too.

      1. Just hang in the mail room often. Ask questions about him. I thin K you run across people for a reason. ..don’t miss out

  2. Not at work. Not with a co-worker. There are 8 million people in New York. Everything in its time.

    Congratulations on a great first week.

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