“Yeezus” Gets Bigger

tumblr_mglm8phDQB1s3rj3to1_500….by bigger,
i mean he is taking his “yeezus” act to the big screen.
why yes…
yeezus will launch his new movie “yeezus” pretty soon.
the trailer debuted today…

tumblr_me29kzyBet1ryjwc0yeah who is going to watch that?
if that’s not bad,
then this is worse:

Kim Kardashian is Kanye West‘s ultimate woman in every single way. A new report in RadarOnline.com claims that Kanye’s film that he’s working on with American Psycho creator, Bret Easton Ellis, will have the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star playing a big part.

 Kim has been in movies before, she starred in Tyler Perry’s, Temptation, but never of this magnitude!

“It’s going to be based on the ‘Yeezus‘ album,” a source close to Kanye says. “That’s pretty much a narrative of Kanye’s life. Kim is definitely going to be in it. The screenplay already features her character.”

But don’t expect her to play some small part, Kanye has big plans for his bride-to-be.

“They’re still working on the script, so it’s unclear at this point if Kim will be a major star of the movie or making a smaller cameo,” the insider says. “But her role in the movie will be pivotal. Her role is going to be very dramatic. Far from the bubbly happy persona that she’s always played.”

 tumblr_mcpm31JtOn1qcwr8xo1_500this is going to like that moment.
only thing is,
you will say:

“remember when sleezus was in that god awful kanye west movie that bombed?
god i wonder what happened to those people?
they were so annoying.”

well at least lil’ north is cute.

lowkey: i keep trying to picture in my head yeezus fuckin’ the hell out of sleezus.
am i the only one who shudders?
now the italian guy…
i’d watch that.

article found: radar online

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on ““Yeezus” Gets Bigger”

  1. Kanye West, please immediately go a way and don’t come back and please take Kim Kardashian with you. Both of you were given 15 minutes of fame and that time is up for you both! Thank you.

  2. Kanye might end up killing his career.This “I’m the Alpha and the Omega” joke of an attitude has ran it’s course.He needs to take some medication and calm his hyper ass down now.

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