Sore (Yeezus + Sleezus)

img-apriltest_104557289055.jpg_guides_heroi don’t know he did it,
or how sore yeezus must be,
but sleezus is gracing the cover of vogue magazine.
anna what hadda happened?
i thought you hated her?
it was so bad today,
the snow bunnies at work were having a fit.
i can just imagine the timelines when this image leaked.
they even made a little video to celebrate the april 2014 cover…
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“Yeezus” Gets Bigger

tumblr_mglm8phDQB1s3rj3to1_500….by bigger,
i mean he is taking his “yeezus” act to the big screen.
why yes…
yeezus will launch his new movie “yeezus” pretty soon.
the trailer debuted today…
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Um, “TMI” In Love With Yeezus Much?

beyonce-new-album4well just what we needed.
a “drunk in love remix” featuring yeezus.
now before i would have jumped for joy,
but every since he got with the greatest attention whore from the west,
i’m very “meh” on yeezus.
especially when he gets all graphic like so in this teaser
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Shit, I Thought The Original Was A Spoof

tumblr_lfa36wFOpc1qaycpjo1_400_largeso the original yeezus video for “bound 2” was all the way terrible.
absolute foolishness.
well this spoof video by james franco and seth rogan tho…
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Yeezus Thinks Kim Is More Influential Than Michelle Obama and Other Thoughts

VlqIVRU-1^this is just one of the many delusions of the new yeezus these days.
i want to address the ones (this week) in one entry.
its no surprise that yeezus has changed.
he fighting some cause he wants the big boys above him to cosign.
i’m all for fighting for what you believe in and trying to make a way for yourself,
but when he says shit like this
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We Don’t Want Prenup!

yeezus is about to marry his perfect bitch!
aren’t you excited?
*insert blatant sarcasm*
is it me,
or does she look less than thrilled in this photo?

low key: yeezus talmbout he doesn’t want a prenup.
i low key barfed.

i guess everything he spoke about on his first two albums was complete bullshit?