We Don’t Want Prenup!

yeezus is about to marry his perfect bitch!
aren’t you excited?
*insert blatant sarcasm*
is it me,
or does she look less than thrilled in this photo?

low key: yeezus talmbout he doesn’t want a prenup.
i low key barfed.

i guess everything he spoke about on his first two albums was complete bullshit?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “We Don’t Want Prenup!”

  1. These two deserve each other! Why he would want to marry this flash in the pan former porn performer is beyond me. And when it all goes wrong, which I know it will, I hope she takes this complete fool to the cleaners and back!

    Really looking forward to the vulgar OTT wedding, that is if it gets that far, and I shall enjoy watching the melt down!!!! I wonder which one will come out as the ‘star fool’, or if it will be joint first place?

    Let the foolishness begin!!!!!!

  2. I have a bad feeling he is abusive. She really had change a lot because of him and she seem more depressed than ever. I don’t it a good idea to marry him because why you want to marry someone who makes you sad and force you to change yourself.

      1. Eventually I think she is going to be killed by him. I wish someone who is close to her to asked her.
        “Are you happy?” because that is one the toughest question to answer.

  3. Black men have the worst taste in women.I really wish black men would start having standards and morals, and expect the same in the women they marry and have kids with.We always have to settle for the used up whore that everybody and their momma done hit and quit.Black men always use this false sense of secure to make it seem like they’re such a man because they wifed a ho.It’s a shame it’s always my race.White men do it sometimes but that’s only about 1% compared to the 98% of black men who do it.

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