We Don’t Want Prenup!

yeezus is about to marry his perfect bitch!
aren’t you excited?
*insert blatant sarcasm*
is it me,
or does she look less than thrilled in this photo?

low key: yeezus talmbout he doesn’t want a prenup.
i low key barfed.

i guess everything he spoke about on his first two albums was complete bullshit?

F*ck With Me Again and I’ll Go Carrie 2013 On Your Ass

tumblr_mdp4mooOTt1rlnuqmo1_500i love the movie “carrie” and its 50 million remakes.
i really want to see the new one coming out this month.
well what would you do if someone actually had carrie’s telekinetic powers?
what would you do if they did it right in front of you?
well these people in this west village cafe in new york learned the art of:

“seriously don’t fuck with me”…

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Fall Is Perfect: A Romance, An Adventure, and The Unpredicted Thereafter?

tumblr_ms7mzgt52Q1sv9wdho1_500happy labor day foxhole.
today has been a quiet day for me.
watching movies,
and putting my resume together.
2013 is almost over.
four more months until we go into 2014.
this year has been pretty blah for me.
spring was a disaster central.
summer was wack sauce.
i need to start thinking about a job.
im ready for my trump check.
i’m ready to make my #comeback.
i’m ready for my last first kiss.

tumblr_mqx9wfoZA71r3gb3zo1_400so in the spirit of today,
i had to ask…

How do you plan on closing out these last few months?

Kanye West Is Now Living Single

livingsingleremember khadijah,
and regine of living single?
well let’s introduce kanye west to the cast…

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Was ASAP Rocky Being Homophobic to Jason Collins?

tumblr_ms55s8XPKU1qmj6fxo1_500everyone was lowkey talking about how asap rocky was on stage last night.
he had to introduce macklemore performance with jason collins,
but it was how he was acting that had people talking.
“homophobic” and “he wasn’t trying to stand close to him” was thrown around.
judge for yourself and apologies for the struggle video…

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Sooooooo The 2013 MTV VMAs Was:

wack as every kind of fuck.
thank god i didn’t waste that outfit in my head going to that shit.
did you guys enjoy the mtv vmas?
or was i the only one who was bored?

tumblr_ms47o4uGXM1qder2jo1_250lowkey: jay z and bey had no fucks to give about attending.
they shoulda called that the justin timberlake show.