Was ASAP Rocky Being Homophobic to Jason Collins?

tumblr_ms55s8XPKU1qmj6fxo1_500everyone was lowkey talking about how asap rocky was on stage last night.
he had to introduce macklemore performance with jason collins,
but it was how he was acting that had people talking.
“homophobic” and “he wasn’t trying to stand close to him” was thrown around.
judge for yourself and apologies for the struggle video…

the way he pointed at him tho…
the distance…
the facial expression…

didn’t he speak out about gay rights a few times?
or was this pr for album sale and fashion show invites?


or was this all a misunderstanding in body language?
talk to us lord flacko…

lowkey: why was he about to fight security because he didn’t want to do red carpet?
all caught on video from bossip of course:

lol @ the commentary.
it was clear asap was in a bad mood last night.
he should have just stayed his ass home.

19 thoughts on “Was ASAP Rocky Being Homophobic to Jason Collins?

  1. I sensed him being very homophobic that night for sure. It was unfortunate. Made me feel uncomfortable and I felt sorry for the baller having to stand next to A$AP. It was like the rapper was trying to save face and separate himself completely from being called gay or being seen with someone gay or anything.

  2. I don’t see the appeal with this guy with those Kizzy braids and that dried up hair every time I see him he reminds me of that mammy from Tom and Jerry cartoons

  3. ASAP Rocky is a woman. You can’t tell me any different. I’ve seen the pics from before he was famous. Chanel Iman is a beard.

    1. I believe it. That pic of him holding that child is not the biz, he looked soft. I been heard Chanel was his beard. No one is real anymore. Who you really are goes out the window when money is involved and souls are sold. Everyone is selling an image in the industry anyway, and beards are being hired everyday. Really who are you fooling but the white people?

    2. ^i think sexuality in black america is “don’t ask; don’t tell” policy.
      you can be flaming as hell,
      be seen with a few vixens,
      and will be seen as straight.
      you will be discussed sure.
      until you confirm you are gay,
      that’s when things change.

      1. Damn that looks forced. Look how tight he’s holding her arm. Don’t be surprised if it’s bruised in a couple of days. I know that hurt.

  4. I think that was a little offensive. I don’t know about Rocky anymore man. I used to like him, and thought he was cute, but now he’s just obnoxious.

  5. On stage he was obviously uncomfortable. Pointing at Collins was probably his way of separating himself from the “homosexuality.” It was probably an unconscious maneuver though and not intentional.

    ASAP probably knows what ppl are saying about him. While society is becoming more progressive, Hip Hop is NOT. So when he found out he would be presenting with the gay bball player, and introducing a guy who is is an outspoken gay ally, he probably didn’t come to the show in the best of moods last night. You know….his image…. lol

    1. That is true a few months ago he got upset when a reporter called him a Gay rights Advovate or Activist.I think he is nervous because people are thinking he is more than just tolerant of Gays.He is tolerant moreso than supportive also MTV played Frank Oceans” Pyramids”as they walked out.They didnt help 🙂

      1. He had to walk out to Frank Ocean too????!!!! LMAO! Yea, he was pissed. You’re right though, coming off as supportive, or anything more than tolerant probably wouldn’t be a good look for him. Expect him to start bashing us soon…….sigh.

  6. Hahaha I have to admit that was s funny that bald dude should’ve caught that shade though. How do you let someone ass you out in public like that hahaha.

    MTV is a mess a bunch of mediocre talent who think they’re special. Meanwhile I write this while sleeping on the floor hahaha

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