Sooooooo The 2013 MTV VMAs Was:

wack as every kind of fuck.
thank god i didn’t waste that outfit in my head going to that shit.
did you guys enjoy the mtv vmas?
or was i the only one who was bored?

tumblr_ms47o4uGXM1qder2jo1_250lowkey: jay z and bey had no fucks to give about attending.
they shoulda called that the justin timberlake show.

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16 thoughts on “Sooooooo The 2013 MTV VMAs Was:”

  1. I didn’t watch it but from all the posts and gifs on tumblr and twitter, I gather that it was hot garbage lolol.
    White people getting awarded for shit black people been doing. What a tragedy.

    1. ^nope! I don’t support white people that want to hip hop with niggas but don’t want to stand with niggas.

    2. I agree! JT started out with N’Sync singing pop and now all of a sudden he is R&B !!! Stay in your lane and stop copying what Michael, Usher and Chris Brown do much better! Robin Thicke started as an R&B artist and still is!!!! Miley Cyrus is lost !!!!

  2. Rihanna was not impressed with anything at all, and I don’t disagree with her. I only enjoyed Jt and Bruno and Macklemore. The award winner were random and the fact the Robin Thicke received nothing is a disgrace.

    1. The fact that no blac person won a award is a disgrace. But JT did earn the title of president of pop on my book. All in all the BET awards smashed this year

  3. White people really took over Brooklyn and celebrated gentrification and appropriation tonight. That’s the 2013 VMAs in a nutshell. This is why the BET awards are necessary. We must have our own.

  4. I just watched it was a hot mess.What was up with ASAP Rocky expressions when Jason Collins was speaking.JT’s performance was good but not great.Miley…I can’t….Good seeing Chili and TBoz .Bruno Mars was good I give the show a grade of C

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