“-A” Waste of Time

Bd-BUk9CIAECRZqso for 5 years,
i watched pretty little liars.
i waited patiently through all the twists and turns to find out who “a” is.
well yesterday i binge watched the entire 6th season.
everyone has been buzzing about the revelation of “a”.
i purposely ignored the barking,
although some of the foxholers messaged me like:


one of my home-vixens who i put on said i would be shocked.
she actually liked who it was.
well when they revealed “a” and explained the “batshit crazy”…
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Sooooooo The 2013 MTV VMAs Was:

wack as every kind of fuck.
thank god i didn’t waste that outfit in my head going to that shit.
did you guys enjoy the mtv vmas?
or was i the only one who was bored?

tumblr_ms47o4uGXM1qder2jo1_250lowkey: jay z and bey had no fucks to give about attending.
they shoulda called that the justin timberlake show.

Joseline Hernandez Throwing “Shotz” In Her New Video

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.57.05 AM

“i’m joseline hernandez baby!” has a new music video.
well the one she was shooting last week on l&hhatl.
it’s called “shotz”

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Tyrese Needs To Be Eating Some Humble Fox Pie

Enough is enough with this dude.

Is Tyrese really serious the way he treated an interviewer to promote HIS album?
Eating chicken and burping?
Does this muthafucka have no home training?

Here is the low down…

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Omarion: The Cakey Sex Symbol?

I didn’t think O-Cakes was much of a sex symbol.
I guess Trey Songz has set the standard, huh?

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