Omarion: The Cakey Sex Symbol?

I didn’t think O-Cakes was much of a sex symbol.
I guess Trey Songz has set the standard, huh?


… and he had the nerve to remake Jodeci?
I would have been more entertained if he just bounced his ass in saggin’ skinny jean heaven.


5 thoughts on “Omarion: The Cakey Sex Symbol?

  1. I always get nervous about the whole oils and food in bed situation.. SOMEONE HAS TO CLEAN THAT UP LATER! And we cant pretend like ‘oh, we’ll just lay in it for now and deal with it tomorrow’… Hell no! This stuff is gunna get cold and sticky! I can’t.

    Oh, cute video for her. Prolly the most tilapia she’s touched since one of those ‘stick your hand in the tank’ exhibits at the local aquarium.

  2. If you mute it, then it’s not too bad. Shoulda shown his cakes though – they probably rival Rosa’s…

  3. trey didnt set the standard. while trey was in his music industry diapers, O was the “sex symbol”. lol O is so much more mature than these young bucks in the industry. O looks good in here though.. best “sex” scene ive seen in a music vid in a long time

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