life is not meant for good people (all of our heroes are villains)

plot twists in life can be really unexpected.
you can be good today,
making money,
and living your best life and all that shit comes crashing down tomorrow.
there is a twitch streamer that i watch named buddha.
his channel was what introduced me to role-playing on grand theft auto.
it’s like a live improv tv show of cops and robbers.
i’m hooked.
when i was first introduced to buddha,
his mother was slowly dying of cancer.
no sooner than a year after she passed…

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…well i didn’t say it.
^they did.
there maybe truth to it tho.
according to some vixens i know/talk to,
some straight males can’t really fuck.
there is:

“let me explore each part of her walls with my penis”
“let me see how hard i can bang her head off”

most straight males seem to do the latter.

pulling hair
slapping on the ass
 asking “you like this shit?/is this my shit?”
and telling all his friends who she is sprung off the dick

that don’t mean you’re good in bed.
it means you might be an abusive dickhead.
gays and bis don’t laugh.
we’re not too far behind.
there was a study that i read recently that confirmed it as well.
this is what the shortlist had to say…
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I Have A Crush and All I Get Is This Lousy T-Shirt

tumblr_mj14zqXPs01s7o51oo1_500shaking a crush is hard.
no pun intended.
i am going through it,
let me tell ya.
we try to stand tall,
kick our heels together,
and say a couple times in our heads:

i will not look at him!
i will not look at him!
i will not look at him!

…all while crossing our fingers hoping for the best.
we imagine he is ugly or try to point out flaws he has.
it just takes him to come in the room,
smile at you,
look in your eyes longer than usual,
and you’re back to where you started.

tumblr_nj9mctPmQY1ql5yr7o1_500its tough and definitely a process.
it has to be done tho.
while i was on the way to work,
something popped into my mind about crushes…
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I May Leave The Freak Show Early (I’ll Stay If U R)

freak-show-footare we still watching this freak show?
i will admit i stopped at episode where they killed that cute midget.
that kind of pissed me off,
but i feel like it going nowhere.
its def not like coven,
plus i can’t take anymore singing.
ryan this is not glee.
i wanted to start binge watching tonight,
but is it worth it to continue?

Your Dick Is Not Good For Me

img-thingyou know i was doing some thinking after that last entry…
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When A Break Up Goes Bad

tumblr_kocorlsjca1qzfy6zo1_400the best break up line you can tell your ex-boyfriend.
today an r&b singer and his partner broke up together.
guess who?…

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