Your Dick Is Not Good For Me

img-thingyou know i was doing some thinking after that last entry…

i am lonely.
there i said it.
no shame in my game either.
loneliness is a funny thing.
it makes everyone fine who even looks in your direction attractive.
wolves that i would have never looked at twice,
i suddenly started seeing this “good” within them.
the red flags are way too high for me to see.
most of the same wolves i found myself attracted to,
and thought the same,
are definitely not good for me after some careful thought.
they are either immature,
a tribe of rugrats,
or a mixture of all of the above.
easy pipe = ton of headaches.
and not the good kind.
like after your head knocks up against the headboard.
sex-headboardits fine to look,
even jack off to the thought,
but i’d rather not touch.
i’m glad i don’t come out of my lusty thoughts to pursue.
they are simple eye candy that looks sweet,
and i’m sure tastes just as good,
but ultimately not worth the aches and pains.
you know the good ones after they break your back down.

tumblr_mx1et4DfTR1slcmdto1_500plus i know these wolves are not the one for me.
i know this.
i’m just blinded by insanity and horniness i reckon.
a bad mixture.
ive got a good job,
opened up another checking account,
just got approved for my first credit card,
and about to start upgrading my life.
hoodrats and hooligans need not apply.
i guess since star fox’s death date is coming up,
i’ve been in this “need to find someone” to cure my loneliness.
i even looked at his ex.
i pray continuously that god will let quality wolves into my life.
ones who know what a “getting to know me” is.
or even “common courtesy”.
add “teach me something i didn’t know” as well.
oh and friends also apply to this as well.
thanks to everyone who allows me to “go thru” to “get thru”.
it helps a fox tremendously.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Your Dick Is Not Good For Me”

  1. I hear you.. Jay I see you. I understand what you mean when you say that you are lonely however choosing to be alone and being alone is different.. yes you have made some awesome accomplishments and I’m super proud of how far God has brought you. But if your alone, maybe you can hang out more with Left or do something spontaneous like put yourself out there, and arrange a date preferably a walk in Hell’s Kitchen.

  2. I have realized the same a while ago. Every man that walks past is not the right man. Just because he looks good does not mean he is actually good for you.

  3. Star fox is apparently your former friend who has passed away. Don’t count out his former boyfriend as a match for you.

    Generally, men can relate to other men in four ways: 1. Hook-up–sex but no companionship. 2. Friendship–companionship but no sex. 3. Friend with benefits–companionship and sex but the sex is not exclusive and 4. Relationship–companionship (generally on a heightened basis) and sex (generally on an exclusive basis).

    Star fox’s former boyfriend may fit the bill for 1, 2, 3 or 4 for you.

  4. I’ve been lonely for years now.If I were you, I’d get some temporary dick to hold me over.It’s easy in your state.Not so much in mine.

    1. Good advice, Zen Buddha. “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.” Human beings were not designed to be alone. We crave human flesh–like vampires!

  5. It’s ok being lonely if you can’t be alone how the hell is someone gonna be with someone else. Get to know YOU and the things YOU won’t put up with. That way you’ll know all the best qualities about yourself and you won’t validation from anyone who comes along.

  6. I completely get this. I mean the red flags are always there. They bang you out so hard you speak in tongues, can’t walk for a week and are feverish with aches and pains for 2 weeks and yet we still dive in. Just focus your attention on the things that really matter like your job and personal development and that wolf will find you.x

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