Call Him “Mellow Yellow”








…like would you not be his personal body lotion applier?
i think i would explode if i saw him in person.

tumblr_mowgalVS3O1snfsquo1_400lowkey: ima call him “mellow yellow”.
does he have a name?

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Author: jamari fox

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12 thoughts on “Call Him “Mellow Yellow””

  1. It seems that every other guy with a nice body claims to be a personal trainer. With the glut of personal trainers, they must make slightly above minimum wage. Or are they personal trainers in the same way that that “reality” show boyfriend claimed to be a “model”–unemployed and broke?

    The Man, thanks for the link. I did visit his Instagram page and he wants a mixed child as reveiled in this link: So he appears to be a self-hating, anti-black racist. Well, black self-hate and the adoption of European standards of beauty means that the best woman will have “fair” (pale) skin, an aquiline (pointy) nose, long “silky” (stringy) hair and thin lips and not dark skin, wide (broad) nose, nappy (strong/tightly coiled) hair and thick/big (full) lips.)

    This guy may be a worse racist than Donald Sterling.

      1. Jamari, I look on that/him the same way I look at inter-racial relationships: Love is love is love. That is a person of one ethnic/racial group can come to love a person of another ethic/racial group and that’s fine. On the other hand, we know that there is a tremendous amount of self-hating racism among African Americans whereby they hate black/African features-dark skin, broad noses, full lips and strong/nappy/tightly coiled hair. And because of that self-hating anti-black racism, they see is superior/preferred white/European features–pale skin, pointy noses, thin lips and stringy hair. I don’t know whether–for example–or not Shaun T’s affection of his husband is influenced by this self-hating racism but I do reject racism in all its form and all its permutations. ( I do suspect that his affection of his husband is influenced by that racism because in the USA, we swim in racism/raciat media all day, every day.) So, I cannot agree with the attitude “as long as they’re happy, good for them”. I say “As long as they are happy and not influenced by racism, good for them.” I reject racism in all its forms and permutations–even if it is disguised as “just love”. And this idea of “preference” or “just what someone likes” is similarly often just a disguise for racism–and self-hating, anti-black racism. I abhor racism and I invite you to reject racism in all its forms and permutations.

    1. You going too far, Dean.Calmate!!!
      Listen that girl doesn’t have European features.
      She has a wide nose, almond eyes, curly hair, full lips and caramel complexion. That is not European at all, maybe half because you know the whole mixed thing.
      All he said he want to daughter like her because she’s beautiful.

      1. Lindo, please see my response to Jamari’s comment as noted above. Further, I did read some of his comments on his Instagram page. Those comments tend to be further evidence of his racism–self-hating, anti-black racism. That girl is obviously not black. There is noting wrong with a child, man or woman that is all black! To be beautiful, black does not have to be watered down, diluted. I’m not satisfied with eating “a little bit” of poison and I don’t want you to have “a little bit” or poison either. Poison can be deadly and if not enough to kill, it may be enough to maim or cause illness or disable or injure. I abhor and reject the poison of racism in all its forms and permutations and I invite you to do so as well.

      2. Yea you right! I ask my mom about this because her father is black American and her mom is Afro-Puerto Rican/Spaniard. She told me that he does like black women because they are too loud, too greedy, too lazy, and he feel like they have sex with a lot of different men. And he doesn’t like the grease they put on their hair because it too messy. But it funny tho because when my grandmother got sick with cancer, he cheated on her with a 15 year old black girl when he was in his 50’s and had 3 girls. Funny enough he got diabetics and the place was a messed and he was a very skinny man with her, which was a total opposite when he was married to my grandmother because he was never skinny, he was healthy and always clean.

    2. You are right Dean. He does appear to be self-hating. I read the comments he left on the pic also. If he wants a daughter that resembles that child, he does not want a black woman. It’s sad.

      There is not a racist worse than Donald. He is at the point of no return.

    3. Going to have to agree with Dean, when you read his comments he makes it clear he wants biracial kids and goes on about his mixed son. Frankly though he’s not all that a typical. Quite a few Black men think they’ve accomplished something by having mixed race kids.

      I’ve always said Black men are the weakest group of men on the planet. They’re the only group that wants what others have but don’t want to work for it. That’s why I rarely cosign with the pro-Black issues of the day.

  2. Sorry but Black ass people talking about wanting a son or daughter that looks the complete opposite of them is a turn off. His self hate and lip piercing ain’t cute.

    The dummies in the comments saying he needs to have a baby with a non-Black or a mixed woman are idiots.They do know genetics are all chance.He could have a baby with a White woman and it could come out looking exactly like him.Hair, skin, and eyes.

    There are children with two Black parents that can come out with different colored eyes, a different skin tone, and a different hair texture.And yes, I’ve seen this in Africa as well.

    All that shit is random.

    He’s alright looking.

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