I May Leave The Freak Show Early (I’ll Stay If U R)

freak-show-footare we still watching this freak show?
i will admit i stopped at episode where they killed that cute midget.
that kind of pissed me off,
but i feel like it going nowhere.
its def not like coven,
plus i can’t take anymore singing.
ryan this is not glee.
i wanted to start binge watching tonight,
but is it worth it to continue?

9 thoughts on “I May Leave The Freak Show Early (I’ll Stay If U R)

  1. Freakshow is meh for me. Still have the last 3 episodes to catch up tho. One thing, I am so over Emma Roberts & Evan Peters’ real life romance playing out onscreen.

    Asylum is still the best season ever!!! It had everything a true horror fan could ask for: dark, twisted, gory, supernatural, psychological-thrilling black comedy. Jessica Lange’s rendition of “The Name Game” was air lol

  2. Freak show is my least favorite but I think i will continue to watch. I agree writing is a bit off this season. My favorite season was Asylum..because it had all the elements of what a horror story should be.

  3. I miss the Coven, that was their best season ever. I think AHS should only do the Coven instead of creating different stories or w/e. The Freak Show is okay, but it not WOW or Oh Shit.

  4. Soooo I was feeling the same way but I binge watched yesterday on demand. When I tell u that the show picked up the winter finale episode (ep. No. 10). Everything will make sense. You will see why Elsa acts the way she does and why this person hangs with this person and how they met. The focus of the episode will be on a character who hasn’t had a line ALL season. And the ending is ALL kinds of fucked up. You have to watch from ep. 7 to understand tho.

    HOWEVER, I am beyond disappointed with this season. The writing is tacky but the directing is unparalleled. However Ryan said that this season will be similar to Asylum (this season is considered the best and most underrated by fans) not my option tho. He said that the next season will go back to the wit of coven.

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