life is not meant for good people (all of our heroes are villains)

plot twists in life can be really unexpected.
you can be good today,
making money,
and living your best life and all that shit comes crashing down tomorrow.
there is a twitch streamer that i watch named buddha.
his channel was what introduced me to role-playing on grand theft auto.
it’s like a live improv tv show of cops and robbers.
i’m hooked.
when i was first introduced to buddha,
his mother was slowly dying of cancer.
no sooner than a year after she passed…

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You Probably Just Liked An “Andrew Cunanan” On Instagram Today

i love observing people.
that’s why i love the foxhole so much.
i find crazy hyenas and jackals fascinating too.
i’m often wondering the “whats” and the “whys” behind in their minds.
i guess in a past life i was a psychologist or something.
so i’ve been watching “the assassination of gianni versace: american crime story”.
i gotta font ya that as i watch that…
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Only For The Foxes With The Good Foxtail Are Allowed

everyone feels the got exceptional:


it’s life and sext conversations.
it isn’t until it’s time to have sex that you’ll find out.
a foxholer said that a nfl baller wolf allegedly has good foxtail.
it’s so good that allegedly everyone wants a piece,
but the problem is that he is stingy with it.
if you have good foxtail,
you shouldn’t be giving it to everyone.
would you give your expensive shit to just anyone to use?
you should feel that way about your butt cheeks.
well this wolf wants a warning about foxtail.
good foxtail.
he wants you to tell him in advance if its good.
an f-bi sent me this video that i had to share…
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I May Leave The Freak Show Early (I’ll Stay If U R)

freak-show-footare we still watching this freak show?
i will admit i stopped at episode where they killed that cute midget.
that kind of pissed me off,
but i feel like it going nowhere.
its def not like coven,
plus i can’t take anymore singing.
ryan this is not glee.
i wanted to start binge watching tonight,
but is it worth it to continue?

The Battle Between Good and Evil

the outcome of when two parties can’t agree and come to battle.
it usually entails massive violence,
disruption between citizens,
and ultimate destruction.
well what happens when the war is insideā€¦ you?…

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Sex So Good It Got You Suckin’ Ya Thumb

Kim-as-Samantha-Jones-samantha-jones-24117197-500-282i’m sure thats what even vixen is saying after they saw the following…

first of all,
i had to ask if this was even real?
this picture has been circulating on fb,
and one of the f-bi sent me the full story.
yup “no days off” even on the holiday.
so a vixen comes home and catches her man in bed…
*cues dramatic soap opera music*
i can’t…

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