The Battle Between Good and Evil

the outcome of when two parties can’t agree and come to battle.
it usually entails massive violence,
disruption between citizens,
and ultimate destruction.
well what happens when the war is inside… you?…

zk3ggii let someone back in my life recently.
he reached out to me,
but i was initially hesitant to reconnect.
even though i thought about our past friendship recently,
and saw various things that reminded me of him,
something in my spirit kept me from pressing “CALL”.
it was like something was blocking me.

with other people,
i wouldn’t have called in a couple months.
this was actually someone i knew for years.
the initial conversation went well.
he seemed to have changed.
well so he told me.
i noticed something was always being thrown in the discussion.
“negative energy”.
he admitted he was surrounded by bad energy and it fed on him like vultures.
he recalled a time where he actually saw a demon come out of him.
yeah some real off the wall “cw supernatural” shit.
whatever was going on was creating negative outcomes in his life.

well he was blowing up my phone yesterday afternoon.
i wasn’t going to answer,
again my spirit,
but i did.
when i answered,
he was in tears.
something was happening in his crib that brought in something evil.
apparently his relative who lives with him was doing voodoo or something.
my friend could feel it and it scared him.
even i could feel it.

“do you have a bible?”
“well open it and pray.”

tumblr_m8jo2xn2qq1r8dq6ho1_500after i got off the phone,
i felt absolutely drained.
my mood was great up until he called me with that foolishness.
i had to take a nap to recharge.
well when i woke up,
like 5 hours later,
i was in a real nasty mood.
i believe in negative people and the energy they can bring..
i’ve had to cut people out my life because of that.

tumblr_miav91kkc21qb2n4qo1_500so between yesterday and this morning,
i’ve been at war spiritually and emotionally.
i have no energy to do anything today.
its like all i want to do is sleep.
even though i updated my “about me and my site” sections last night,
everything was going wrong around me.
my dinner turned out terrible,
something that never EVER happens,
and i had a series of bad nightmares when i went to bed.
on the positive tho,
at least i’m getting spiritually stronger now.300-Gifeven though my mind wants me to feel bad and look at my circumstances,
something is working against that to lift my spirits.
kudos to all the shit i went through these last few years.
it’s making me into a tougher solider.
now what do i do about my friend?
that’s one battle i’m starting to be tired of fighting.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The Battle Between Good and Evil”

  1. Hey Janari, it pains me a tad to write this because it may sound cold and that is not my intent. You are and have been in a very tough place. There comes a time when we have to cut losses. You do not need any negativity in your life right now. Things for you are still too fragile. Guarding against allowing negativity in our lives is essential if we are to surge ahead. This includes preventing people who have negative impacts on us from occupying space in our lives. First law of nature is self-preservation. Now that I’ve had my say, I feel bad because I don’t like to interject myself into the dynamics of other people’s relationships; I guess I just have a pet peeve about people allowing others to bring them down. I’ve seen to many instances of it.

    1. ^oh.
      i’ll be honest and say you are right.
      today i feel off.
      i have been a really good plus thus far and now i’m feeling back to how i was.
      that feeling of despair and hopelessness.
      i came back from florida a changed person.
      going with the flow and content.
      even though i have been dealing with not having money due to the unemployment cut off,
      i have been really happy and just not letting anything get to me.
      now today everything wants to go in reverse.
      i cannot let that happen.
      my friend is going through alot and im someone he has known for years.
      the issue is he has started to go down emotionally and i’m up.
      he needs my energy,
      but if its gonna make me feel like this,
      i can’t do it.

  2. I’ve been at war with myself spiritually. Some days I feel close to God. Some days I doubt he even exists. As for your friend, I’d keep him at arms length. You can be a good, supportive friend, but you also have to balance that with your own well being. That demon and voodoo stuff sounds creepy.

  3. Glad you are getting stronger mentally bro because that is where it starts. That is what I want to hear. Eliminate the negativity, the best way you can, those dreams are unfortunate, pay them no attention.

    Sounds like your friend pissed someone off, damn man.

  4. What about after you guys stopped talking? When his life was going well? Did he take time out to reach out to you when his energy was up. There is something divine in people who can find pride in themselves when everything around them is, for lack of a better term, fucking up. The ability to be able to revel in the fact that who you are is who you are regardless of WHERE you are. Some people get on these power trips and when doors open and blessings flow and all of a sudden the most important people in their lives they can do without. If between the times you guys fell out your friend couldnt reach you when he was doing well I say leave it alone. I know it sounds harsh but what better time to reconcile when things are going right. WHy wait until the devil comes knocking or death is at ones door to look for peace? If you guys were good enough friends you deserve him at his best just as much as his worse. He reached out because he knew that you’d answer. he knew that you’d care. It takes a certain kind of vessel to house evil spirits. However if you do want to help him I’d tell him to fast (refrain from sex, oils, and meats. Dont eat until sundown and pray at the top or end of each hour. Burn some incense and pray to rebuke the evils. Confess before the lord his sins, etc. That strengthens the spirit and reveals truths).

    1. ^i will tell him this jericho.
      thank you,
      and everyone,
      for the advice.
      i want to get my energy back before i contact him again.
      maybe tomorrow because i feel out of it today.

      1. Just be careful my brother. If he IS being deliberately targeted those principalities might view you as a threat and feed on you just as viciously as they are him. Some of these things work in a way that they destroy the lives of people the victim may love or care about as a sort of torture. Voodoo is some serious shit. If the bible is your go to Psalms can be used as a form of “battlefield” prayers. If you’re going to be there for him be warned that you may end up fighting this darkness yourself. Keep in touch my brother. If I can help I will

        1. ^omg that made me scared!
          yeah ima let him handle that battle.
          when my spirit was extremely hesitant to call,
          maybe I should have listened.
          this seems really deep and scary.
          he told me some stuff he got involved in in the past and i think it’s been coming to collect.

  5. I wouldn’t mess with that voodoo shit either.I had an uncle whose baby momma was playing around with some shit like that and he was going crazy because he said no matter where he went, that shit was following him.

    I think we’re all at a spiritual war.I’m like Sam Spade kinda.I don’t doubt God’s existence anymore but God does get on my nerves sometimes so when I’m praying, I tell him that.They say we’re supposed to be honest so I am.It’s hard for me to write off the Supernatural because I actually have multiple witnesses that all have had the same experiences with a certain haunted place my family used to own.Even after they sold it, what we witnessed was corroborated by the next owners.It’s not surprising though.The place had about 5 or more murders take place in it.

    Me and you Jamari are basically going through the exact same thing.

  6. Hello Jamari please try this :

    “Centered in Spirit, I am at peace. I am at peace when I remember how lovingly I am supported by Spirit. Sometimes I may get caught up in the drama of my own or someone else’s experiences and lose my sense of inner peace. Once I become aware that my mind has strayed from Spirit, all I need do is mindfully take a deep breath. As I focus my attention on my breathing, I become centered in Spirit.
    “Spiritus,” the Latin origin of the word spirit, literally means “breath.” When I breathe deeply, I feel my body relax and I am calmed. As I breathe in and out, I become quiet and consciously aware of the Presence. I listen for the voice within that knows what is mine to do. I right my thinking. When my mind is centered on Spirit, I am at peace.
    The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness.–Galatians 5:22″

  7. Keep your head high jamari!! I agree with old head (self preservation!). Everyone has there good days and bad days but it’s important that you stay strong!! I’m getting out of a 7 year abusive relationship and I’m a month in and being on my own financially and emotionally is difficult but I’m *making* it do. I’m rooting for you!!!

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