I Want That Hardbody

tumblr_n017v2uzNK1rsl00eo3_250so an f-bi just sent me some gifs just now.
when the wolf is unmasked
tumblr_n017v2uzNK1rsl00eo4_r1_250…i could be wrong,
but isn’t that:

jaye hardbody,
aka idris elba’s spirit animal,
def has a body that needs to be worshiped.
on your knees preferred.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

29 thoughts on “I Want That Hardbody”

      1. Yea me too! I love me dark muscle meat.
        I wonder if he has good tongue game 😉
        But he does looks like the type that will fuck a good booty hole.

    1. @Lindo…he may not necessarily be either. He could just be a dude who is confident with what he has and ain’t afraid to show it…no matter who the audience is!
      It would be awesome if he was gay or bi though! LOL

      1. ^personally he always struck me as a escort.
        he is always in a hotel room on instagram.
        i figured he was straight tho.
        he was really “confused” why he had a gay fan base on twitter.

      2. @Christian… and he might be gay or bi. Or he could be the type of guy that would just fuck a nice ass on both genders without calling himself bi or gay, just simply open minded. Take a good look at him.

      3. Well somebody said he’s straight and that other str8 men do these events as well and now I’m pissed off because I hate when str8 men do this kind of shit when it not their territory.

  1. Yea that’s dude for sure. No I don’t know what these ball or ballroom scenes are about, but I do know only gay men participate in them, but I won’t jump to conclusions just yet.

  2. Yes.Straight guys will use gay men’s affection for them to get over on us.It’s no different than half-breeds that claim to be Black so they can take are roles in movies, TV shows, and fashion modeling.It’s not confidence, it’s “I’m making money so I can deal with the faggotry.”As soon as those opportunities close, they’ll be the first ones to start ranting about how disgusting us faggots are on some social network.

    Tyra Banks claimed she was at a gay club with her gay friends and they were all fawning over the bartender because he was attractive.Turns out, he was straight and wanted some of Tyra.

    I don’t know why y’all fall for it.It’s no different than what the mutts pull with the Black community.I would just happen to be apart of the communities that tolerate that shit.Ugh, why me?

    1. I agree with you 100%, except the half breed comment because I am mixed and that’s offensive but I understand what you mean.

    1. Yes, George Hill would do it.There’s a popular porn performer who does it as well.He’ll masturbate for gay porn studios and as soon as it’s over, he’s on twitter ranting about us gays.They tolerate us for however long it takes to get that money.They’ll smile in your face and act like they’re you’re friend but as soon as you turn your back, you’re a nasty faggot.I’ve caught this same guy on those webcam sites.He’s ready and willing to still masturbate for us even though he doesn’t respect us.

      I remember another porn performer was on a TV show and he said he was fired from working at a sub place because the customers knew he did porn and didn’t want him touching their food.He says he was gay for pay.He also only bottomed in porn.He said it paid the bills but he’d never allow his kids to do it.I don’t get why he wouldn’t allow his kids to do it, it’s just acting, right?

      I guess you guys are right though.Some straight men are so confident in themselves and their sexuality that they’ll deep throat dicks and bottom.

    1. He walks the same category as Santonio Jamari. It’s all about selling sex. They even got some clips on youtube with the guys going so far as to let judges grab dick and ass

    2. When they walk the balls especially Sex siren and butch queen body, they want you to sell it! Thong, mesh, it don’t matter you have to give a show! Plus they win money and prizes and accolades in the ballroom community. He’s prolly gay cuz to walk a ball you have to be in a house

  3. As much as I like looking at fine men and these dudes are fine beyond measure. I just cant get with this. This reminds me of some type of slave auction were Black men are being paraded to for the highest bidder. I almost getting like this about even watching my favorite sport football, being that this seems to be the only time mainstream white amerikka wants to acknowledge a Black man and show him a little respect. I wont speak too much about the Ballroom things because I really dont get it but it seems to be very hate filled, the few videos I have witnessed on Youtube always seem to show somebody who has to let you know they can twirl in heels better than you or they have a more muscular body, or a cuter face and these people who follow a certain person gets mad and pissed when their favorites are not chosen by the judges and Im like so what makes these judges the deciders of who is hot and who is not. Its very much a system that celebrates the American way of whats on the outside is all that matters. I guess some people in our community need validation on their looks and bodies and this satisfies a group of individuals with low self esteem. This is one ball that Im going to sit out.

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