Don’t Invite Sandra Rose To A Gay Wedding

wownow i’m not a “marriage” person,
so the macklemore marriage thing at the grammys was a “oh ok” to me,
but “wow” at sandra rose.
she was wayyyyyyyy outta line for that one.

lowkey: what children tho?
did i miss the children on the stage?

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “Don’t Invite Sandra Rose To A Gay Wedding”

  1. either those tweets are fake or someone hacked her Twitter account because everyone knows that Sandra Rose is a lesbian…

  2. Wow SandraRose went off like that? I thought she was a Lesbian……why the hate? The whole point of the performance was love.

  3. Oh my god you guys don’t know so let me be the first to tell you Sandra Rose is a Bitch. She is also ugly, old, a nurse, black, a lesbian and a extreme conservative. Sandra wrote on her blog that she became a lesbian because a female teacher molested her, she thinks being gay is something you choose and that Obama was born in Kenya. She been ugly and crazy like this since forever. Omg I can’t believe none of you knew this. Some people think its all for attention for her blog but she is one hell of a committed lunatic

    1. ^woooooooow.
      idid not know it was like that.
      i never really cared for her.
      she was never my blogging “hero” because she was always really messy.
      i remember when she use to stalk beyoncé HEAVY as well.
      like obsessed with her.

  4. yeah i stopped following her a long time ago she’s crazy!!!!! she even went after necole bitchie awhile back and she abhors beyonce…she’s clearly not happy smdh there’s nothing worse than a man or woman who hates what they truly are…a waste of fucking time…

  5. I didnt watch the Grammy’s this year due to my distaste for today’s music industry and the mockery they make of real talent just giving awards away based on popularity and record company politics, but my social media timelines have been buzzing with the 90% disapproval of most Black folks about the gay marriage segment. Of course no one is talking about the 50 murders that have already taken place in Chicago in 2014 and we are still in the month of January. None of my people are going to Chicago to cause a ruckus and make this violence end because they are worried about gay marriage. You know its sad that food stamp benefits, and unemployment benefits have been cut by millionaires and its getting harder to survive everyday out here, the police forces in most of urban America are out of control and still randomly killing innocent Black folks daily and no outrage like the outrage over gay marriage. The prison population is exploding with young brothers and sisters who will never even be able to have any type of life in Amerikkka because they are caught up in our racist criminal justice system but no we are worried about gay marriage. I cant with the hypocrisy in our community anymore. We have such a bottom feeding mentality toward shit that dont even matter. Let me not start on this self hating Lesbian who is mad because she is ugly and was probably teased growing up and now she wants to blame the Gays for all of society ills. She has tapped into a like minded small minded community of unhappy miserable no man having women who are happy to eat up and bask in the glow of her hate filled rants. She is disgusting and needs our prayer for her ugly spirit, she is truly ugly inside and out.

  6. O wow I been knew this crazy bitch is missing a couple of steps. she has no class or common sense. They teach you in 2nd grade you keep certain opinions to your self.

  7. What she fails to realize is being gay doesn’t mean you can’t procreate…hell I am gay and have 2 kids…she clearly is confused if she thinks that children will not be born because of the sexuality of their parents.

  8. Man that hurts reading that because there are so many people who want children. Not all those people have the will power to pursue raising children because of shit like this. They see it and all those doubts creep up and more than just a couple losing faith in parenthood, a life goes uninvested in. considering the numerous “biblically correct” relationships that go horribly wrong and negatively affecting the children I think its safe to say that ones sexual preference doesnt affect parenting. Do we hold womanizers to same standard as we hold homosexuals? I come from a strong line of people. I feel like I should apologize for Sandra’s comments. There is so much more to black people than that. Of course lately we’ve become self obsessed hatemongers that aint all we have to offer

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