The Brawl Everyone Was Waiting For

tumblr_n01ri9k3C31r7r1l7o1_500well we wanted it and we got it.
“the brawl”.
wasn’t that shit amazing?
i have some thoughts tho…


tumblr_n01qktEXvU1rwuk64o1_400i keep telling people that’s a lowkey hyena.
no one listens.
she walkin around because she knew it was gonna about poppin’.
she set kenya up and was pissed she was late.
she knew what she was doing.
i don’t blame kenya nor do i blame her friend for defending her at all.
i’m real confused why apollo got so brolic tho?
he even pushed phaedra damn near across the room.
speaking of pheadra and apollo,
that whole presidential birthday party was painful to watch.
apollo clearly hates her and that whole episode,
with the recent allegations brought against him,
was embarrassing to watch.
he also incriminated himself as well:
tumblr_n02fb8cXFX1qd9agqo1_500the last 15 minutes was better than the grammys.
i’m mad we gotta wait until 2 weeks for the conclusion.
this years wack ass superbowl.

x watch episode at mr world premiere

lowkey: i know one thing.
nene yelllin at kenya in that bedroom<<<<
tumblr_inline_n02kpdXzz41rtk9gywho the fuck was she yellin at like that?
don’t play yourself.
i woulda slapped the shit out of her.

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “The Brawl Everyone Was Waiting For”

  1. I’m so DONE with Neanderthal Leakes. And then to blame Kenya? Fuck off Moose Leakes. Instead of Kim, she has earned the nickname “Monkey with a Wig on.

  2. this show was a mess last night. I’m still confused as to why Apollo attacked that guy. NeNe was like a ring leader in the UniverSoul Circus. I think Kenya decided not to go physical with NeNe because NeNe didn’t put her hands on her and Kenya also know that NeNe is the star of the show. Kenya is physically strong and could whoop all those women’s asses. Keep in mind though that you had 3 personal trainers, a former stripper/amazon woman, and a former pro football player in there. They were ready to turn up and i think it gets worse on the next episode.

    1. ^nene was talking to kenya like a child.
      i was hoping she hit her,
      but she would probably been off the show after that lol

      that was the best episode of this entire season.
      i see why they went head to head with the grammys.
      kandi and cynthia go at it next episode.
      cynthia will run and hide.
      she ain’t about that life.

      1. Yeah well the whole thing shudnt have happened in the first place with a stupid comment questioning someone’s marriage when you can barely keep a real and not imaginary one.they all seem fake except Kandi. Even Cynthia is getting to that start bullshyt for ratings n a bigger check.

  3. Nene is so stuck-up now! She used to be funny, ghetto, and cool.
    Having fame does get to your head.
    The reason why Apollo went crazy because he was turn on by Kenya’s friend when he came in the room with his light skin, pretty eyes, and red silk pajamas which automatically makes him manpussy in jail terms. And when Peter was holding Kenya’s friend that when Apollo start having flashback in prison with the gangrape and Apollo though he was prison again therefore was trying to rape Kenya’s friend.

  4. Nene started the whole thing. She had her wooden spoon and the pot burning on the stove before they even came lol. How about those questions? Pacing around the room like a damn madame.

    Brandon was going to get Christopher tho, I peeped that. If Peter did not get between them after Chris shoved Brandon, Chris was gonna get it. I don’t care what no one says.

    Apollo had no business getting involved. Peter had him controlled, and Apollo came in all late. It was unnecessary and uncalled for. It was like a late hit out of bounds. Apollo was fighting for his virginity lol. He will be fighting for it in due time. Oh yea, he did incriminate himself. 8,000 on some strippers in one night, and Phaedra did not give him the money. WTF did he get it from? That was other people’s stolen money he was spending.

    Kenya was looking good, them titties and that ass tho. Yup lol. They be hating on Kenya on the low too man. She got body, and she got some good hair, not to mention that she is starting to become the star of the show.

  5. Ok… Did anyone notice that chuck was literally hiding behind his wife in the corner? I thought just like Kandi said while watching that Nene was high, and MTO pretty much said the same thing because her behavior was very erratic. Chris was just trying not to let Kenya run up on his wife when Brandon jumped up getting into something that had nothing to do with him, and got his ass wrecked because he was to crunk and went and hit Apollo! I Kiki’d at the whole thing, they messy as hell, because they got that bread, no reason to behave like that. But lowkey, I feel like everyone on RHOA is just trying to keep they jobs!

  6. Nene Ho card was pulled on last night. She rose in popularity being funny and a fun type person. She is like that Aunt who is fun, not too educated or uppity but tries to put on airs when someone of importance comes around. Nene as with all people in the spotlight has gotten insecure seeing others who are getting shine, mainly Kenya Moore. She did the same thing with Kim and Sheree on the show, she wants to be the Queen B. You can tell deep down that she is insecure about her looks, her height and maybe even her claim to fame being that she knows her acting aint what has made her popular. Her behavior last night sealed the deal for me that she is a big insecure bully who does not like anyone to talk about her while she can throw rocks at everybody else. Those questions were messy as hell and why were you asking questions with singles and gays at the party, and that quip she made to Portia was totally out of line about bi-sexuality. She showed her nappy edges last night and it wasnt pretty, she was responsible for this whole debacle.

    Now I heard on BGC last night that the reason Apollo was so mad was that Brandon bussy was not as tight as he said it was. Now thats not me, but a reporter from BGC LMAO, I literally screamed when I read this. I actually think that Brandon pressed charges. That scene was so random and so out of place, Im like damn were did all that aggression and frustration come from and why is he taking it out on him. This left more questions than answers. RHOA have officially crossed over into ratchet territory after last night episode. I can see all of these people regretting doing this years down the line. All money aint good money, and the public will turn on you on the drop of a dime in today’s media market.

  7. Yeah Nene leaks is a hot ass mess… She made this whole thing go down. For once i am on Kenya moores side because that old man did grab her arm. I also dont think it was such a big deal for Nene to say Kenya got up. Like Kenya said a MAN THAT TOUCHES A WOMEN IS A BITCH point blank.

    Now Ms Parks Needs to learn how to calm Her wild ass Monkey That nigga went crazy CTFU!!
    i dont understand why apollo touched that guy??? i feal like it was uncalled for an sencing it was for attention.

  8. Ive come to the conclusion that this was a trap set by NeNe for Kenya. With the roster in that room, everyone was somewhat wronged by Kenya this whole season and if they weren’t, then they were there to speculate. But the plan backfired for NeNe. Two of the people who werent meant to be apart of anything were the ones fighting. Apollo had aggression, that we all know what for now, that he took out on Brandon, who was simply guilty by association with Kenya. It seems as though the hits Apollo took on Brandon were hits misfired and meant for Kenya but because she’s a woman they were directed at her #1 guy. Makes sense why NeNe confronted Kenya at the end because it somehow bypassed her and Brandon took the hit. NeNe is the Bravo mole implanted in this cast to stir the pot. She’s been a fan favorite for years but im sure Andy and Bravo pulled her into this whole thing to stir it. It explains the $1M a season she’s getting. That’s an employee’s pay.

  9. Everyone knows Nene set the whole thing up…and typical of her, she tries to blame someone else for her deviousness. I don’t care for her. Never have really. Straight-up bully is all she is.

    LOL…On another note…If ya’ll look closely, you can Apollo’s “print” when they’re trying to subdue him

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