f0xmail: My Cousin’s Husband Wants The Bunz. Help!


I need help with a possible problem. My cousins new husband comes around the family one day each month. He doesn’t let on that he has noticed my fox ways and I am not interested. When everyone leaves the room he will get a hard on and flaunt it in my face. I try ignore it and talk louder to people so they will come back in the room and answer the questions.  Today the sexual energy was so high that as soon as the sisters left the room he was swoll like a fat tick. I peeped twice because he kept swinging his legs from side to side. His wife called him to the kitchen and he was reluctant to go and she came to get him. Am I the one over thinking or is he giving me subliminal hints. I’m usual not wrong about guys being bi- or gay playing straight. But I really don’t want to be caught up if he makes a move and then make a mess. I’m celibate and don’t want him to bump into me with all that meat.

Thanks for your help.


i know a fox who fucked his sister’s boyfriend.
well i didn’t know him personally,
but star fox told me about him years ago.
a story i never forgot.
so through a few winks,
extra touchy feely,
and other “duh he wants those butt cheeks” signs of endearment,
the fox decided to act on it.
well one day,
they both happened to be alone in his sister’s crib for whatever reason.
one thing led to another and they ended up fuckin’.
like, a lot.
they would fuck every time his sister would leave the crib.
someone was sloppy and they got caught up.
instead of the sister choosing her own flesh and blood,
she sent even inch of hades down on her brother.
the story got switched up.
“he tried to come on to my boyfriend.
i knew he was a faggot.
god this and bible that.
blah blah blah.”

since the bible trumps everything,
the brother was banished from the family.
he initially was like “well fuck them” but soon realized,
the streets is actually real tough to survive.
from what star fox told me,
he fell into a depression and got hooked on drugs.
he is an alleged crackhead on “well damn avenue” and “life is over blvd”.

tumblr_mwv6b83ZFm1svs3nuo1_400there is no good in messing with family meat.
black women don’t play when it comes to their man,
their weave,
and their food.
i don’t care if his dick is huge or looks like it would squirt chocolate milk…
do not walk!
if shit hits the fan…

hitfanyou will be the one standing underneath with no umbrella.
i would find a way to ignore the fuck out his life.
plus he sounds like a potential thirst bucket aka “the messy one”.
since you are celibate,
just wait for the right wolf to come into your life.
let him get caught up with some other butt cheeks and throat.
not yours.
Alison-DiLaurentis-Dont-Touch-Me-On-Pretty-Little-Liars…oh and to answer your question:
yes he definitely gets down.
it was confirmed the first time he pointed it in your direction.
anyway hope that helps in someway for you to make a right decision.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “f0xmail: My Cousin’s Husband Wants The Bunz. Help!”

  1. I thought this was another female foxmail.I’m shocked that this actually took place more than once.Dudes wanting some man-booty from their wife’s relative.Where day do dat at?

    I don’t think he should do it either.He clearly gets down and probably heard the foxmailer gets down from another dude he’s giving the dick to.Hoes have no feelings though so I’m not surprised he’d go after his wife’s relative.I’m just surprised that that scenario takes place at all.

    I thank God I don’t to deal with situations like this.Y’all be going through some Soap Opera shit.

  2. Hints? He is being direct as he possibly can. He want your booty boi. Stay away from that dude, or the situation will turn very messy in a hurry.

  3. Wow I feel bad for that guy.
    Black women are that insecure, huh.
    I hope what comes around goes around, and I’m not talking about karma it the other thing that spreads very easily if you don’t protect yourself. Yea teach that bitch a lesson.

  4. Please don’t act and do something, that man is not throwing you hints or signs he just has a big dick and he walks around you that’s it. You’re totally reading more into it than what it really is.

  5. A friend of mine who is most definitely a fox told me about a situation when he was a teenager with one of his sisters boyfriends. He said that his sister worked the late shift and her boyfriend would come over and wait on her to get off from work. Well one night he said the boyfriend started asking him about his girlfriend. I think he told me he was 16 at the time. Well he told him he didnt have one and the boyfriend then told him that he would be his boyfriend and ask for a kiss. He said at the time he was so shocked that he honestly didnt realize that he was even gay. He said the boyfriend hounded him even after him and his sister had broke up. He said he was fighting his gayness so he never responded, but said years later when he was grown him and his sister got into it and she called him a faggot and he relayed the story of how the boyfriend she was so in love with was one too and tried to get with him. Of course she didnt believe it, but I knew he was telling the truth, because he is a little petite boyish looking dude even now and DL men love that type, he has always been able to pull the most masculine dudes and he is obvious fox. I cant see no good coming out of this situation but this is going to be a hard one to fight because the temptation is going to be always there. You may have to check him when yall are alone and tell him No Bueno.

  6. Yeah i agree Stay away far away!! that could turn into a very messy family situation.. and i would make it know that i dont want him in any form of fashion.

  7. It’s not just about sexual relations, it’s about family. If you were a woman and your female cousins husband was lusting after you, just say no. You don’t mess with the spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/lover of a relative. That’s just not to be done. See the Jerry Springer Show and see what mess those shenanigans bring. Avoid him and if necessary, tell him clearly to back off. And find yourself some “non-family” dick.

  8. Like everyone has stated above it’s a bad idea. Number one that’s your sister your blood you wouldn’t want to betray her like that, and number two who’s to say he isn’t doing all of this as a trap.. you know make it seem like you came on to him to your family. I say be firm and tell him you don’t like the way he has been coming on to you.

  9. Why is this even a question? I mean do we really have to ponder what to do in situation that involve loyalty and respect for people and their relationships?

    But sadly, and I hate to be the “bad guy” but a lot of people no matter how much they speak against situations like this, secretly like the feeling of fucking around with someone and no one knowing. smh.

    Like everyone said, don’t do it.

  10. The majority of the answer you need to stay away, but if it is a family function and every time something goes on this person got to stay away is not good. What he needs to do is address his sister friend and tell him I am not interested in you and try to control your body, because this is going to make me look bad and have people in my family thinking that i am the cause when it is you!!!

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