i watched the 2020 grammys and well…

i needed an escape from all the kobe mourning yesterday.
social media ruined me,
but i continued to scroll my twitter timeline.
whose fault was that?
this fox.
well who knew i’d be crying all throughout the grammys too?
my thoughts on the grammys was a big “eh“.
i got a few thoughts about the experience…

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was it “motown” or “uptown”? (i’m confused)

when i think of motown,
i think of black soul.
a time when artists stood on a stage and sung.


they might have had background dancers,
doing one or two hand motions,
but it was all bout the voice.
motown reminds me of a happy time in my life.
when my parents were alive,
they would play those classics while cleaning or going somewhere in the car.
i often listen to the music to invoke those memories.
so when i heard jennifer lopez was performing a motown tribute at the grammys,
i knew it would NOT go well.
it didn’t…

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ariana grande got smoke for the entire grammys

i was done with the grammys when they played b and rih that one year.
they nominated rih for like 7 awards and gave her nothing.
b lost to adele for “lemonade”.
well they played ariana grande today.
the grammy producer,
ken ehrlich,
said in the following that ariana posted on her twitter:

well ariana took offense and this is what she tweeted…

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Don’t Get Mad At The Grammys (Get Mad At Yourself?)

i saw all the outrage after the grammys.
“we” were mad some of our favorites got snubbed.
it may have been faux outrage.
that’s open for opinion.
i know one thing tho…

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RG3 Is Woke

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.19.43 PMkendrick lamar is…
words cannot describe.
he performed “blacker the berry”/”alright” off his amazing album,
“to pimp a butterfly”,
last night at the grammys.

we were all at attention and had all the whites in shock in the audience.
baller wolf for the redskins,
seemed to really enjoy the performance.
he is now up and awake.
this is what he posted on his instagram
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Taylor Swift Puts Feets on Necks

tumblr_static_72cr8s29pk8480084okc4gwg4…cause baby,
now we got bad blood?
so taylor swift is not to be played with.
don’t let the doe eyes and blonde hair fool ya.
she has a lot of industry pull.
i think she is some sort of secret agent.
or a pimp.
so ye has a song i love called “famous” on his new album.
it features rihanna,
but he has some lyrics going at taylor swift.
he said:

i feel like me and taylor might still have sex
why? i made that bitch famous (God damn)
  i made that bitch famous

giphy…say what; say what?
she was all smilin’ up in his face,
getting apologies,
and this is the thanks she gets?!

this is what she said when she accepted her grammy award for #aoty
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