Taylor Swift Puts Feets on Necks

tumblr_static_72cr8s29pk8480084okc4gwg4…cause baby,
now we got bad blood?
so taylor swift is not to be played with.
don’t let the doe eyes and blonde hair fool ya.
she has a lot of industry pull.
i think she is some sort of secret agent.
or a pimp.
so ye has a song i love called “famous” on his new album.
it features rihanna,
but he has some lyrics going at taylor swift.
he said:

i feel like me and taylor might still have sex
why? i made that bitch famous (God damn)
  i made that bitch famous

giphy…say what; say what?
she was all smilin’ up in his face,
getting apologies,
and this is the thanks she gets?!

this is what she said when she accepted her grammy award for #aoty

starts at 1:20:

giphy-1ye needs to find his chill.
those #swifties are as rabid as the #hive.
i bet they are assaulting his mentions as you read this.
taylor swift was already a big deal before he came along.
she was killin’ the country genre.
i just think ye made people feel sorry for her.

“how could that big short black negro?
how could be do that to that innocent snow bunny?”

i’m glad she spoke up for herself tho.
ain’t no punks in this game.
i guess this means ye is really out of fucks?

lowkey: i feel like ye gonna come at jay and b soon.
he is on a roll and we need to be entertained.


13 thoughts on “Taylor Swift Puts Feets on Necks

  1. Taylor Swift was a multi platinum selling artist prior to the Kanye West VMA fiasco. Bye Kanye ever since your mom dad you’ve lost your mind. He’s a troubled person

  2. I personally feel that Kanye use Taylor to draw attention him and what he’s doing at the moment, because everybody is tire of his wife and her family at this point.

  3. She handled that well. Kanye is really stuck on her for some reason. There is something(s) wrong with him. I can’t listen to his music anymore, the last time being his Graduation album. He’s just too much for me to even care. He’s a psycho.

  4. I bet Taylor Swift really wanted to say the n word o probably did behind close doors when he said they might fuck cause if I was a white girl and some black guy took my mic when I was trying to make a speech and then have the nerve to say we might fuck and he made me famous. I know I be saying the n word left n right about him

  5. Don’t let her being a snow bunny fool you, Taylor stay firing back at people. To the point where people think all of her songs are about somebody.

    Kanye doesn’t learn from his mistakes. He came at Amber, that went bad. He came at Taylor once before and that really went bad.

  6. Nigga you could have used her in a song(look at Kendrick) but no here you go starting mess as usual.

    P.S. The day he comes for Bey or Jay will be a cold dark day, I agree with Christian R. He knows better.

    1. Maybe back in the day he would’ve said something reckless about them, but right now he needs them, particularly Jay. His mouth will remain tight lipped when it comes to them. LOL

  7. Kanye may be maniacal but he would never bite the hand that gave him his come up. He ain’t stupid. Jay might actually be able to end his career if he gets wreckless.

  8. I agree. I’m glad she checked him…cause she was killing the country music game before steppin’ onto the pop music scene. He should’ve done his research before comin’ out of his mouth like he does. Always seems like he’s putting his foot in his mouth.
    Hell, if he nice to her, she could loan him some coins…’cause you know Kimmy plottin’ that escape from that broke ass! LMAO

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